Truth Is Transient

Truth is Transient


Truth is a personal perception based on our beliefs. It is different things to different people. This is necessary even although it can create deep conflict and division between people and countries.

Conflict is a result of this difference. Difference is impartial, on its own it has no energy or form.  It does not create dissonance. Rather it’s the strength of our conviction which generates deep emotion and aggressive/defensive action.

Recent world events have accelerated and magnified our awareness of this. Much of what you read is designed to create powerful reactions within you. As a result, your energy is directed outwards towards the people or situation. You either support or reject the concepts offered.

The number of people who believe in a concept or idea does not make it right. This is another misguided view. Yet it’s often at the centre of deep justification for powerful cultural, religious and ancestral principles.

Still it can be reassuring to know that other people have the same ideas and beliefs as us. It gives us a sense of belonging; an intrinsic need which we constantly seek in life.

This in turn keeps us chained in behaviour patterns which stifle our individual and collective evolution. We are at the mercy of subtle mass manipulation by those who wish to control our lives.

What’s significant is the hidden outcome of this process. Your energy is being polarised in one direction. Other people’s energy will be polarised in the opposite direction. It becomes a tug of war, except it’s not a game!

What do you learn? That you are right, others are wrong and you are making a stand for your beliefs. This offers no opportunity for development and growth, it’s a lesson in self-validation.

Truth is a perception within your physical mental and emotional bodies. It directly relates to the level of your spiritual maturity. It has nothing to do with judgement of intelligence. A young soul is a young soul in learning, in the same way a baby is a baby. A parent does not judge the intelligence of their child, rather they support the development of potential

What if you abandoned all polarising beliefs about reality and humanity? Would you be weak and indecisive?

Are there other possibilities? Possibilities which can create balance and harmony within; allowing you to see the world as a vibrant place with immense potential for peace joy and wisdom for all.

Some call this process strategic thinking, others call it soul consciousness. The term you use is less important than the outcome it creates.

At this point in time we have been given the opportunity to stop and re-assess our reality; our perceptions and the quality of our life purpose. You cannot force yourself to do something which you do not want to do. However, you can use this time to observe yourself and your inner beliefs about life.

You can use this time to quietly reflect on what is important to you I think very few people would say conflict, aggression, anxiety and fear were important to the quality of their life!

So here is a very simple and easy starting point. It’s a 14-day challenge. If you want to “up the ante” you can let others know that you are doing this – I am sure they will be delighted to test your skills.

For the next 14 days do not criticise anything. Do not express any strong opinions or ideas. Instead record your thoughts in a notebook. Then ask this question: –

What is the true purpose in this experience?

I want you to look for the “Golden Thread”. The golden thread is the highest learning outcome for everyone. Sometimes it’s easy to see, sometimes you have to observe for longer to sense it. It’s worth the effort.

You will move from polarity into harmony and balance. You will also rise above the stuck collective consciousness within the 4th dimension into the higher mental realms within the 5th dimension. Your thoughts become illuminated with soul wisdom and compassion.

Then you will be a light to others. Difference with not create conflict. Difference can then be honoured for what it is, a perception of truth. If everyone was encouraged to self-reflect and look for the golden thread, our evolution would accelerate tenfold.

The only truths which are absolute are the Hermetic Principles and the Spiritual Laws. Our truth is a transient lens with the potential to constantly change. Stay in the realms of “what if” and you will have amazing adventures.

Divine Blessings

Elizabeth Ann



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