Being Neutral

Being Neutral

Judgement v Discernment

This period in history is one of the most challenging points of evolution for humanity. We are being asked to stand up for our beliefs on many levels of consciousness.

Yet deep inside you may have felt a deep longing to step back; do nothing and be an observer. If so, listen to and honour this call within.

Neutrality is a powerful place of evolution for the ego. It is not a place of avoidance. Rather, it allows us to review our beliefs and transform our thoughts and behaviour/s.

During the period of neutrality, your soul illuminates your ego with higher wisdom. You begin to understand the divine purpose in life and reality. You can see what the Universal forces of light want you to understand. Your actions then become in alignment with the truth and authenticity of your soul. This is a gift to the world.

During this process you will feel detached from what is happening yet have an inner sense of knowing that something important is being revealed to you – a sacred gift of soul perception.

The purpose of soul neutrality is to detach us from the collective consciousness and limiting karmic patterns.  It is not the same as avoiding or ignoring reality. The difference is immense, yet to the outside world it may appear the same.

Avoiding or ignoring responsibility comes from a space of fear; a lack of commitment to life challenges.. However, it’s still an important place of learning for the ego. It results in a powerful level of discomfort and disillusion within the personality self. It has the potential to create change within us.

Conversely, you may have an absolute passion for a cause. Again, this is a powerful learning experience for the soul in action. You may wish to   champion a cause; be an advocate for others; be the voice for our beloved planet, but do so without judgement. Do so without comparison of others. Do so from a space of working for the highest vision possible. Do so with compassion, wisdom and peace.

Take time to observe your expectation of how others “should behave” in relation to your expectation. These show the gaps in collective and cultural beliefs and norms. Forcing responsibility on others does not work. Condemnation does not work. It’s a weapon of destruction. Spiritual Law dictates force is met with equal resistance.

Become a bridge builder between opposing forces. Focus on creating unity. Then can you will honour and value all creation.

It’s ok to be an observer. To value yourself enough to step back from strong opposing views and to go into the quiet space within your heart centre. Stay here and allow your ego to learn soul wisdom.

As you become the bridge builder judgement becomes discernment. Harmony and balance flows within you and out to the world.

Let our souls unite to build a new world together.


Elizabeth Ann


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