Visible v Invisible Reality

Visible v Invisible Reality

Reality is not an illusion – its an aspect of potential illumination. Once something is created it exists. Your thoughts craft an energetic form based on how you feel.

You cannot make the form disappear by ignoring it. It will not go away. It’s a mistake to think you can leave negative feelings behind or ask for them to be removed in healing session. All you can do is to transmute/transform it into its original sacred vibration – love.

Life is filled with lessons and challenges. Visible reality limits our potential to evolve. Observe what is happening on the planet at the moment and you will see levels of fear and conflict on a global scale.

We now have one of the greatest opportunities to question the purpose of existence and what we truly value in life. It’s also a chance to explore beyond the obvious into what I term invisible reality – or spirituality as some people call it.

The great divide: –

Those who believe v those who don’t believe

Are you spiritual or non -spiritual? I have witnessed so many judgemental terms from both perspectives. Neither of which is helpful to the evolution of our sacred planet.

Everyone is in the perfect space of learning for their own evolution. The lessons you face are specific to what your soul needs to experience. Therefore, people see things differently from each other. There are no wrong perceptions; rather its what we do with them that makes the difference between harmony and illumination or anger and blame.

Invisible reality exists in a higher vibration that we can see with our physical eyes. It hosts our higher self – our soul. The aspect of us that is connected to eternal life. The quality of love, wisdom and divine power pulses down from our soul into our physical self – illuminating our perceptions. Opening us up to seeing life from a more evolved perspective.

When you open your heart and pray you are connecting with your own spirituality and the angels and masters who support your progress.

Pay attention to what helps you to stay centred balanced and peaceful. Its not about being perfect or living out any expectations of how you should be or feel. This is a time to take a step back. Become an observer. Stop making judgements about what should or should not be happening – or even when they should happen.

This is a time for deep self-discovery. Be like a young child, explore and stay open to new ideas, concepts etc. Allow your intuition to guide you into questioning what is true for you rather than what is “the truth” based on society’s perceptions of what should be.

Stretch your imagination …… read/study something which moves you from absolute visible reality into something which explores invisible reality.

If you are already doing this – take it further. We can all get stuck on a plateau of learning believing it to be absolute rather than transient.

As you do this you recognise that life challenges are points of potential illumination and evolution.

Illusion is a vital part of learning if it creates within us greater understanding of ourselves and our limiting beliefs. When you combine this with your intrinsic connection to invisible reality you have the key to life in its most sacred form.

Happy peaceful exploring


Elizabeth Ann

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