Elizabeth Ann Morris (6)I am a wife, a mother, a proud grandmother and a spiritual seeker and seer. Like many people I dedicated time “professionally qualifying”  my work so that I would be accepted as an authority  by students.

Three years ago a quiet inner voice guided me to let it all go…… to let nothing define me…. and to start again….. as a result I have given up all of my professional  memberships – gathered over 30 years of business and spiritual study.

Then the inspiration and guidance came in to set up Sacred Oracle Teachings – something I said I would never do…. create my own teaching organisation.

The idea of bringing alive sacred information from our soul, to our heart and through our personality self into our living reality is so needed.  The idea of creating workshops and seminars where we can build and expand our wisdom; where the jigsaw pieces join together to give us a magical picture of life …. excited me.

I am the sum of all that has gone before, Former Principal of a Spiritual School, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Training Development Consultant, Sound Healer, Writer, Coach,…… yet who am I?

I am Elizabeth Ann – A seeker of wisdom

May you all stay in the true potential of your soul…. unlimited and open to a magical journey of alchemy and wisdom.


Elizabeth Ann

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