Purpose and Meaning

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Purpose and Meaning
What gives us meaning in life is not necessarily our purpose in life. This might sound like a contradiction and in a way it is. The two things are entwined in a way which can create major illusions as to what life is about.
Yet they are separate… united by language nuances…. What is important is to recognise the difference and use this as a foundation for your evolution and ascension.
Simply put your purpose is what you are here to do as part of your soul development and learning.
Meaning is the value you place on people and situations to measure the quality of your life experiences.
When purpose and meaning are in a divine marriage, then life becomes deeply empowering and harmonious.
Our life experiences are deliberately designed to help us question purpose v meaning. However, the quality of our life may be obscured by false values based on materialistic beliefs.
It is so easy to fit into the expectations of our family, our community and our country. On an intellectual level we may even “kid ourselves” that we recognise the uniqueness of who we are. We might even be proud of this.
However fully being in our own essence is not the same thing. I have heard so many people say that:-
• They are not quite ready to express their true purpose
• It’s not the right time to do this – they need to wait till circumstances are different or better
• The world is not ready for their ideas
• What’s the point – no one will listen or believe them
And many more reasons…….
Purpose is a way of being which does not need a strong external projection. The starting point is to own the truth of our soul and the divine expression of its purpose.
Then we can gently allow it to be birthed…. To come alive in our daily life, regardless of how small the expression might be. Your soul does not judge its expression….. It does not need materialistic success measurements. In fact it is not interested in these things. They are ego based and biased.
The ego looks for approval. The ego measures success and makes comparisons with others. Your soul makes no comparison in its action. It just is perfect for your evolution.
The meaning which comes from soul action is so very different from the materialistic feedback of the ego. In some respects it is difficult to vocalise how this feels. It is profound and words do not do it justice. Yet you will know when this happens – the level of inner joy cannot be measured. It creates a sense of humility and self honour. You accept yourself just as you are without limitation.
Meaning which has a materialistic foundation is a different experience. It is not wrong – it’s a learning opportunity. Of course our family, our friends, our work and our beliefs can bring us great joy and satisfaction.
Yet sooner or later we are given powerful challenges which are designed to question the meaning and value we place on certain things. This is a gift which is often hidden or misunderstood in our emotional response.
Take a moment to think of key events in your life.
• Did you see them as opportunities for growth?
• Did you question the unfairness of the situation? Why me?
• Did you blame others for what happened to you?
• Did you feel helpless?
You may have additional questions which you can add to this list. It is said that circumstances do not define us – but for many people that’s exactly what happens during times of challenge.
It can take many years to recognise the gift within a challenge. Simply put this is because we have not been taught how to find our true purpose and how to create values around this which create real meaning in our life.
It’s a little sad when I think about this. Yet we are not helpless or blind to our own inner truth and wisdom. We just need to find the keys to unlock our potential.
This is a spiritual practice. Many people shy away from the word spiritual. I would encourage you to walk towards it and embrace it with all your essence. Forget what dictionaries say about the word. Forget the interpretation of others. Forget the judgements about what it is and is not. Let them all go. They do not matter. Here is a simple exercise to start opening you up to the truth of your soul. Please find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.
• Take the time to sit quietly.
• Go into your heart centre.
• Place your hands on your heart and just breathe quietly for a few minutes.
• Start to have a sense of who you are…. Beyond the personality self
• Beyond all that you know about you and the world
• Be empty…… be still…..
• Allow yourself to become nothing…. No one….
• Sense your connection to the planet…. Through the soles of your feet…
• Sense your connection to your soul through the crown of your head
• Sense an expansion of your energy… with each breath….
• When you are ready quietly return your focus to your heart centre and the room
If you practice this on a daily basis, it will become easier for you to open up to your higher self – your soul self. This is a starting point for all spiritual development.
It’s ok not to label this as activity as “spiritual”. It does not matter what you call it. The vibration of the experience is enough to open you up to expanded awareness beyond the material reality of life.
There are no more evolved beings than us. This is a judgement which cannot be made at a human level. We are all here to learn and grow. To find our purpose and to express it in a way which brings collective meaning to all that exists on our beloved planet.
Your soul purpose is simple yet profound. It is the only thing which will bring absolute meaning to life. It’s worth the investment. Join me on this sacred journey. Together we will change the planet.
Elizabeth Ann
If you would like to find out more about how to find your soul purpose please get in touch with me or browse my website to get an idea of the range of programmes available.



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