Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound – The power of Frequency and Sacred Geometry Creating Healing Balance and Transformation

Sound is usually considered as a conscious vibration which expresses emotion. However we also create sound unconsciously through our thoughts. Both conscious and unconscious sound creates a frequency and pattern which either:

  • heals and restores our natural resonance = harmony
  • distorts and confuses our natural resonance = disharmony

Sound in its purest form is a natural expression of God’s voice in action. In times of great wisdom on Planet Earth the voice and its expression were understood and used for creation, healing balance harmony and transformation. Sound was SACRED. Sound is still SACRED. The mysteries of sacred sound are being revealed to us once more to be used for the highest good of the planet and all that exists on it. With an open heart and mind we can learn how to create sound for the purpose which God intended.

We must learn how to heal and maintain our own harmony. You cannot get rid of what is yours! Simply put your energy is your energy – there is nowhere for it to go. It can only be loved healed and transformed. As a principal things can be removed from your energy field if they do not belong to you. However once we become skilled at restoring balance and harmony within it becomes less likely that we absorb other people’s negativity etc.

So how can understanding frequency and sacred geometry help us to create this 5th dimensional vibration? Frequency can be described simply as the rate at which energy flows. Sacred geometry has 2 key aspects. Firstly there is the form (or shape) which is the masculine aspect. Secondly there is the sensation or “feeling” which comes from experiencing the form and this is the divine feminine aspect. Understanding and working consciously with sacred geometry can heal and restore balance within both our own chakras and those of the planet.

When we are in total harmony with creation our energy flows freely. We become at one with everything. Achieving this is not enough – we have to learn to also maintain this resonance through developing a sophisticated understanding and awareness of our own frequency and adjusting it in order to maintain harmony.

So if we combine sacred sound, frequency and sacred geometry together we have the tools we need to do this. The following exercise is a useful foundation for exploring your understanding of yourself and your vibrational energy. Use it on a regular basis to heal balance and transform yourself.

This form of healing utilises divine feminine energy therefore it is important to recognise that when we talk about understanding, we mean knowing from a clairsentient perspective – we must feel what is happening and allow our mind to take a back seat. Be fully in the experience.


In honour of yourself it is important to create a harmonious and sacred space. Make sure you will not be disturbed. You may wish to light a candle. You can also play soft background music although silence is even better. You will need paper and a pen or coloured pencils.

Before you start please remember to:

1. ground
2. attune
3. protect
4. invoke

Step 1

Think of a longstanding problem or issue you have been struggling with – examples may be fear of failure, poverty, loneliness, struggle to achieve things, being misunderstood, unappreciated etc.

Take a few minutes to connect with this energy, feel its existence as a vibration, a pulse and start to sense its shape and form

Notice this vibration in relation to your energy field. Can you sense or feel the imbalance in your resonance.

Step 2

Now open your eyes. Using the pen and paper intuitively draw the energy as a pattern on the paper. What does it look like? Draw your energy field. What does this show you?

Think about what you want to be different. What do you want this energy to be transformed into? How do you want your resonance to feel? Take a new piece of paper and draw this as a pattern.

Step 3

Once more go back into the original energy pattern and re-connect with it. Create a sound which gently expresses it. Stay with this sound for a few minutes. Note this can be expressed vocally or silently – your intuition will decide the best expression

Now focus on the new pattern you want to create (visualise your drawing) and gently allow your voice to express the new pattern. Do this for a few minutes.

Sense the unwanted pattern being embraced in the new pattern and create a tone of love and harmony. Do this for a few minutes. Sense or visualise yourself becoming balanced; in total harmony and being at one with everything.

Step 4

Open your eyes. Take a moment to reflect and record your experience. Once this new pattern has been created its time embed this pattern in our 5th dimensional base chakra using sacred geometry.

Note: At the 5th dimension our base chakra holds the consciousness of the highest Spiritual Laws. We fully trust that all our needs on every level will be met with bliss. We have no need to question or mistrust this – our faith is absolute!

To anchor this new vibrational frequency in our base chakra visualise yourself being within a platinum square. Inside this space re-connect with the new pattern and spend a few minutes feeling and sensing how the energy resonates and flows within the square. If you wish you can also create a tone to amplify the experience.

Start to become that which you seek to create. Sense it becoming part of your reality with total trust and faith in its existence.

Take a few moments to thank all the wise beings who have supported and guided your experience.

Open your eyes and take a drink of water. You may wish to write in your journal again.

Use this exercise regularly to heal balance and transform any mental emotional or behavioural patterns which no longer serve your highest purpose.

With much love light and blessing

Elizabeth Ann

Download the PDF version here

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