Sacred Communication

Sacred Communication – Integrity Truth and Wisdom in our language

Can you imagine a world were words were in short supply – in fact they became scarce and we could only use them with integrity truth and wisdom. How do you think the world would be? Take a few moments to daydream….visualise…sense….what your reality would look like.

I believe for most of us the vision we would create would be powerful, inspirational and very much like the Golden Ages of Atlantis and Lemuria. Indeed it’s what we are aspiring to create now on the planet. When I have asked people to do this on workshops the energy vibration is amazing! What’s even more amazing is that it is simple to do and instantly effective.

Sacred language spoken from the heart creates sacred geometry – this vibration or form can only heal or inspire. As always in spiritual laws like begets like so it can only create positive results. Now I know many of you might be thinking how can I do this when I may have to criticise or chastise another person in my role as a parent or manager? Sometimes people need to be given feedback which they will not like. How can this be done in a sacred way…… can it?

Before I give my views on this – what do you think? Is this possible or even desirable? Will it mean that we are being too nice and the person will not pay attention to what is being said? Of course you will not be surprised when I say yes it can be done – with outcomes which serve the highest learning for everyone.

Below is a template which can help you to create sacred communication

  • Firstly ask yourself what is my focus and intention? If it’s to find fault then I create blame – it’s back to like begets like – blame can only create blame. The 5th dimensional focus is always on what I want to create – therefore my feedback should always centre on what needs to happen to create the highest outcome.
  • Take a few moments to ground, attune and place yourself in a golden bubble of light
  • Go into your heart centre and sense a pure white light flowing from your heart into every cell
  • Take a pen and paper and write down some sacred words which express what you want to say do not be concerned about creating sentences at this point…..focus on the vibration of the words….
  • Draw a six pointed star and place your words inside the star… the sacred geometry which represents heaven on earth……sacred language always reflects heaven on earth…sense this vibration in your heart
  • Softly focus on the word as they sit inside the 6 pointed star and create a sacred tone…perhaps aahh or om or maah…. or mmm
  • Start toning and tone for a few minutes sensing or feeling that the energy of your intention merges with the sacred geometry and tone to create the highest outcome for your discussion.

After you have completed this exercise you can then build short sentences around your words. You now have a pure 5th dimensional template for your feedback discussion.

There are times where we make excuses for not working in this sacred way with language. We tell ourselves that the other person is behaving in a 3rd dimensional way and therefore we have to speak at this vibrational level? Who are we kidding! – not God and the Spiritual Hierarchy!

Make the commitment today to only communicate in a sacred way and only speak that which is necessary. How about practicing positive telepathy instead? Every day think of someone you love or admire and send them a telepathic message saying how amazing or inspirational they are.

Another powerful tool is to start creating a new dictionary for yourself which only contains high vibrational words. What words would be in your dictionary? More importantly how many words can you identify? I ask my students to produce a list of at least 50 sacred words for their dictionary.

Once you have created your list make the commitment to change every low vibrational word into a high vibrational word. Start to sense the energy difference between words which heal and inspire and words which create hurt, pain and negativity. As you do this you will deepen your awareness of the vibration and the geometry of language. Indeed you may even find that you can sense the colour of words.

Here is another wonderful exercise. Look at your list of 50 words – say each word out loud and have a sense of what colour each word is and what shape (geometry) it creates. Note – there are no colour right or wrongs here as each of use creates our own sacred vibration with our voice tone and pitch. Start to understand your voice and its true power. Make the commitment to always use your voice for the highest good.

Visualise a new 5th dimensional dictionary being on the bookshelves of every bookshop. How inspirational it will be to know that children going to school can only be taught high vibrational communication. What a difference this will make to the evolution of the New Golden Age.

You may also notice in working this way that it reduces your interactions with people. What is the effect of this? It will improve your spiritual mental emotional and physical health as well as creating more time for yourself.

In other words you are undergoing “a language detox” so if you find yourself craving drama, crisis, criticism and a good moan – like all detoxes and cleansing this will pass within a few days. The good news is that there is no withdrawal headache!

One final point – of course newspapers television and magazines will still focus on negative drama – you have 2 choices:-

  1. Make the decision not to read them and only connect with high vibrational and inspirational publications and TV channels
  2. Alternatively if you choose to listen to and read these publications take the time to transform the language – in other words reframe the message and make it 5th dimensional (this can be a fun and challenging exercise!)

In Golden Times all language was sacred, precious and used with deep wisdom to create high vibrational outcomes. We must return to this consciousness once again, it will truly accelerate our journey into the New Golden Age. Become a sacred communicator today – let’s change the world now.

With deep gratitude and blessing

Elizabeth Ann

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The language of Sacred Communication
Transforming my Reality

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