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Perception is Truth – A journey of consciousness within the Spiritual Laws

I am sure you can all remember a book which changed your life because of its content and message. The first spiritual book I read was called A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper and it truly was a catalyst for inner change and perception. That was in 2000 and since then my journey of understanding and fascination with the Spiritual Laws has remained at the forefront of my work and is my true passion.

Through understanding a little of how the Laws work, many of us make the mistake of assuming that we can use our conscious mind to manipulate them at will. To some extent this is possible – however it is only part of the story and we need to move beyond this paradigm to become ascended masters.

The Spiritual Laws are the governing system for this and all Universes. Just like a giant computer the Laws are the “hardware” of the system – they mirror back to us everything we need to know to govern our life with wisdom. They are impartial; their feedback is 100% accurate. We are the software of the system – our thoughts and actions etc. activate the Laws (feedback).

The level and extent of our ability to “manipulate them” is based on our spiritual maturity rather than our conscious will. In some respects you could say that this is an inbuilt safety feature and one which I find very reassuring! This is why many people find that they can get the Laws to work partially but not fully.

Studying and understanding the Laws is important for everyone – when we work with them with wisdom and reverence we can truly change our life. We must openly and lovingly accept everything which is ours. We are fully responsible for our reality – we have chosen it and with an open heart we can heal, transform and bring into alignment all aspects of our being.

Life is not an accident. Earth is a planet of learning and every incarnation is an opportunity. No one is ever sent here to fail. With each re-birth we are given a new beginning and a chance to succeed in our soul’s mission. Mirror feedback is a great opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. It informs us both what is working well and what needs to change.

The more I studied and taught the Laws within my workshops the less I seemed to understand them. They did not make sense. Then I realised my mind was following the traditional pattern of “analysing and dissecting each Law” in isolation. Can you imagine taking a car engine apart and then trying to make sense of each part and where it fits together without first seeing the whole engine in action!

Nothing works in isolation including the Laws – energy in motion can be viewed from many different perspectives. So seeing the spiritual laws as a holistic dynamic energy vibration is a good starting point. Often when a student is stuck with an issue they might ask me: Which law is working here is it the law of attraction or the law of projection? And I usually say yes – because the issue can be explored and from both perspectives – and indeed from every single one of the Laws. So forget trying to label the Law own and work with the feedback.

Our reality is not the truth, it’s a perception we have created based on our beliefs and the lesson/s we need to experience. Perceptions can be changed and the mirror is our unfailing guide which when fully embraced makes our pathway clear.

One thing I have discovered is that it is far more meaningful to use our experiences as the basis for working with the Laws rather than reading about them and analysing their action from our mind – intellectualising them makes them abstract. There are many workshops and books written about the law of attraction and how to create more money and abundance – however I doubt
that there are many more “rich” people on the planet as a result. Instead when it does not work people often try harder to make themselves trust or believe. Take a moment to consider what the energy vibration of trying harder feels like. What do you think happens when we try harder and harder to manifest abundance? What feedback do you think it creates?

The Laws are not about success and failure – this is not their purpose. They are our satellite navigation system guiding us back home. Satellite navigation never judges unfairly nor criticises – it simply and clearly re-directs and patiently takes us where we need to go. You programmed your satellite navigation before your birth. However some of the features and destinations you chose to explore on your journey were necessary for your learning and growth i.e. your parents, family, gifts and talents, career choice, physical body and health, country etc. and create ideal experiences for your spiritual growth.

At any given moment your reality is perfect for your needs. The challenge is to accept this without judgement. Often it’s what I call “boxed thinking” which causes the problem. Boxed thinking is where we categorise things into good/bad; right/wrong; black/white etc. and use these judgements as labels to define people and things. This creates polarisation. How many times have you said or thought that you are “right” and the other person (by default) is therefore wrong?

Take a moment to think what you learn from this sense of being “right” Start to notice the energy vibration which it creates.

Another exercise to challenge your thinking is for 1 week decide that you are not going to be right about anything. This does not mean you are wrong – it means you leave at least 1% flexibility (error margin) in your thinking. Explore the 1% and see what happens. If we all chose to do this arguments and conflict would stop. There is a phenomenal difference between being right and having a different view (perception) from others. Allowing the 1% flexibility keeps your mind open to other possibilities.

A simple starting point for developing your understanding of the Laws is to accept that anything which has an impact on you belongs to you. Your body will tell you, your emotions will tell you and your thoughts will tell you what is yours. It’s not the same for everyone – what irritates me may have no impact on you. So the saying that: You can only see yourself, hear yourself, listen to yourself, criticise yourself, praise yourself etc is true.

Our own unique reality is perfect for our individual learning and development. So can our perceptions be wrong? As a principle the answer is no, they cannot be wrong provided we remain willing to cleanse heal and transform our perception lens through learning from feedback.

Undernoted is a basic framework for both developing your understanding of the Laws and transforming your perceptions. In using this framework there is no need to dissect the laws. It’s more important to get a deep sense of gratitude for the feedback and to honour yourself enough to take the time to invest in bringing every aspect of our being into its 5th dimensional consciousness.

Transformational Framework

  1. Own and accept everything which has an impact on you – it’s a universal feedback gift designed to support your soul’s ascension
  2. Do not judge the feedback as either being good or bad; positive or negative – remember it all came from the creator’s love even if the messenger was not loving!
  3. Ask the spiritual hierarchy to surround you and everyone involved in the Violet flame of transmutation so that your feelings do not get projected towards the other person or situation. You can add in the colours gold (for wisdom) and silver (for divine mercy) to create the gold and silver violet flame.
  4. Go into your heart centre and surround the feedback in a beautiful pure white light of unconditional love
  5. Gently explore and bring meaning and understanding to your experience – do not judge this process – if it does not happen instantly have patience
  6. Bless the giver of the feedback for their gift
  7. Integrate the lesson and look with unconditional love through the lensof your new perception

Additional exercise
To help find meaning in your feedback choose 6 to 8 different Laws and explore your issue from each perspective – it will expand your thinking and you will start to recognise the subtle relationship within the structure of the Laws. (A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper is an excellent reference book for this.)

Please remember to take the time to appreciate that everyone you meet whom you admire, respect praise etc are also mirroring feedback to you. If you can only see yourself you must accept this positive response. They are also you!

Now it is not my intention in this article to give a comprehensive overview of the spiritual laws. Rather the purpose is to go back to basics and use our experiences to change our perceptions and start to work with the Laws in a holistic and meaningful way which will in turn open up deeper and deeper levels of understanding our ourselves, our journey and our unique purpose on this planet.

Do you love yourself enough to embrace all aspects of your being and in so doing embrace all that exists on this planet? Can you honour your perceptions enough to accept all feedback and transform all that is not in total alignment with your true essence?

Everything we need to know exists in our current reality. By using this as our template for discovery we can gain a more meaningful and holistic relationship with the Spiritual Laws and their application. As within so without – through transforming ourselves we raise our vibrational energy which in turn creates a positive mirror for others. This is called induction and is a powerful catalyst for personal and planetary ascension. Embrace your journey with joy and inspiration knowing you are divinely guided.

Elizabeth Ann

Download the PDF version here

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