“You teach from your heart and have so much love and grace for all those of us who attend your workshops. I cannot wait for your return, your presence is totally inspirational.”  

Martha, Spiritual Laws Workshop, Athens

“Thank you for opening up the portals of wisdom within my being and facilitating my access to the ancient portals of Delphi. I am truly inspired”  

Giorgos, Being in the New Golden Age Workshop, Delphi, Greece

“I am so honoured that you would come to Japan and take the time to work with us and show so much love and inspiration for our people and our country. Your teachings are so empowering and I am filled with hope for the future now”  

Yukari, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Tokyo

“I am truly touched by your love and unconditional acceptance. You have truly inspired me and I want to give you a thousand words of thanks, but they would not be fitting of you so all I can say is I love with all my heart. You are my heavenly teacher.”  

A grateful student, Angel Teacher Training Programme

“You are the spiritual glue which pulls everything together and all at once my experiences starts to make total sense”  

Karina, Spiritual Laws Workshop Athens

“When you start talking it’s like you are a channel for such profound wisdom and it is said with so much love. I listen to every word and savour it”  

Georgia, Healing and Heart Visioning Workshop, Athens

“Elizabeth Ann, totally amazing workshop, opened up new perceptions and ways of healing which are truly awesome. You are a true gift to humanity”  

Angela, Sacred Sound and Geometry Workshop

“You are the spiritual gardener planting the seeds nurturing watering and standing back to allow the seeds to grow”  

Elaine, Ascension Teacher Training

“Thank you for being such a beautiful messenger/instrument/channel. Your voice phrases and silences were so powerful and I cannot begin to tell you the impact this had on me, the value is priceless”  

Anne, Spiritual Coaching Session

“Thank you for showing me my light. You are a beautiful Angel”  

Benedicte, Transform Your Life Teacher Training

“Thank you so much for everything, you helped me to believe in myself and I am eternally grateful”  

Joanna, Spiritual Coaching Session

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful transformative experience. Everything resonated with me. You teach from the heart. It is awesome, and I feel privileged to have learned with you”  

Susie, Transform Your Life Teacher Training

“You hold the world in your hands. Thank you so much for all your wisdom and wonderful sense of humour”  

Diana, Golden Atlantis Teacher Training

“Dear Elizabeth Ann, words cannot express how much the information your reading meant to me, it gave me an almighty push in the right direction. I am looking forward to a new spiritual journey.”  

Elaine, Angel Inspiration Card Reading

“Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring reading. It has confirmed much of what I needed to know to move forward, you are truly inspirational.”  

Dyan, Angel Inspiration Card Reading

“Thank you so much for the amazing angel workshop which has helped me so much with my personal issues”  

Ali, Introduction to working with Angels workshop, Scotland

“I wish to express my heart felt happiness for the very special seminar this weekend, it changed my life”  

Megumi, Lifting the veils of Illusion, Tokyo

“Thank you for being a fabulous and most wonderful teacher”  

Katerina, Spiritual Laws Workshop Athens

“Thank you for the sound of your soul that vibrated my being into the highest plains of love, light and knowledge”  

Kalliopi, Spiritual Laws Workshop, Athens

“Elizabeth Ann is the most skilled facilitator I have ever met”  

Peter McIntyre, Sound Healing Workshop
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