Spiritual Laws

After reading my very first spiritual book – ‘A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws’ by Diana Cooper in 2000 – I recognised that my life purpose was to explore the Laws, study and understand them in a way I could share a deep wisdom and knowledge as to their function and importance in our spiritual development.

The Laws are the governing system for this and all Universes. Just like a giant computer the laws are the hardware of the system, they mirror back to us everything we need to know to govern our life with wisdom. They are impartial; their feedback is 100% accurate. We are the software of the system – our thoughts and actions activate the Laws (feedback).

When we can decipher this feedback with wisdom and reference we can truly change our lives and recognise that the universal blueprint for ourselves Planet is ordered structured and divinely guided.

No one is ever born to fail, we are programmed for success. Through learning with an open heart we can bring love wisdom joy and inspiration into our lives.

I offer a range of Spiritual Law workshops and retreats around the world. I am also in the process of completing my first book; The Truth beyond Perception – a journey through the Spiritual Laws.

To find out more about these life changing workshops, please see my Calendar or feel free to contact me to arrange a workshop in your area or country.

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