Soulful Intuition

What does it mean to allow the inner calling of your soul – your intuition to guide your pathway in life – to become the foundation for all your decisions and actions?

It opens up a portal of light so pure and so bright that you cannot go back to the safety and comfort of the material world and all its illusions.

It means that your heart opes to divine compassion wisdom and power. Your voice, your actions become a true expression of God (or whatever name you use for this sacred energy form)

It means that you stop wearing the labels society has created for you. You stop pretending and living through the expectations of other people.

You quietly lay down your sword of conflict and accept the crown of our soul’s expression. You start to see and understand the Divine Plan for the planet and the purpose of life in its highest consciousness.

You become a beacon of light, hope, peace, inspiration and joy for all those people around you – just be being your authentic self. You have faith and total trust that every experience is a perfect learning opportunity (a gift) to be used to change attitudes, values and behaviors which are not of the purest intention.

You have deep gratitude for everything – gratitude without comparison. You understand that gratitude cannot be based on seeing others through the eyes of poverty, pain, judgement or lack. Rather you bless all that is yours with deep love and honour.

You take the time every day to attune to the essence of who you are. Like a beautiful instrument of God you bring yourself into harmony and unity with all that is.

Every day your inner knowing becomes stronger and your inner faith and trust becomes the bible for your soul’s evolution.

In doing this you illuminate a pathway to soulful living. Your pathway becomes a soul map for future generations.

Is it time to fully embrace your soulful intuition and allow the alchemy of your divine purpose to shine?


Elizabeth Ann

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