The Power of Humility

Have you ever been humiliated? It might be at the hands of another person who wants to teach you a lesson or through a mistake you made.

Humiliation can create a powerful and disproportionate memory which stays at the forefront of your conscious mind. A painful  reminder which ensures that:

  • you never make the same mistake again (consciously) 
  • you never allow yourself to be exposed to the opinions of others

Then you become “humble” as defined  in many dictionaries i.e.

Low self-regard

Absence of vanity or excessive pride

Being lesser than

Humiliation is often a deliberate punishment to lower our sense of pride  and self-worth. This takes many forms and is imbued throughout the history of humanity.

This level of humility is ego based and relies on us seeing ourselves as being greater or lesser than others.  Comparison is used to define our worth and level of power. It can never be a qualitive measure for humanity yet we continue to use it.

Yet there is another sacred meaning for humility which has an empowering and illuminating purpose.

We are all a divine aspect of creation here to learn and evolve through the guiding wisdom of our higher self. This is both individual and collective. All beings have a unique gift which is needed for the evolution and unity of the planet.

When you awaken to the power of your soul (higher self) you surrender to the power of the Divine Source/God.

A simple way to experience this is to find a beautiful place in nature and notice how it makes you feel.  Nature is intrinsically designed to open our heart centre to the beauty and wonder of life.

Then you can start to ask yourself or remind yourself of who you are without the need for comparison.  This creates a sense of inner peace and humility which is soul infused not ego based.

This is not a “one time fix” rather it is a journey of inner reverence and discovery.  There are many books, exercises and tools which can guide your evolution.

When you experience true humility it will feel like a blessing and create a deep sense of honour for who you are, just as you are.

In this time of formidable change your authentic soul purpose and expression are needed.  Choose to unplug from mass consciousness and take this sacred journey.

Eternal Blessings

Elizabeth Ann

If you would like to find out more about Sacred Oracle Teachings and how I can support your evolution please email

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