Being Unique

Have you ever felt that you do not belong on this planet? That you do not fit in? That you are misunderstood? That you are different from everyone else?

This is the quiet stirrings of your soul asking you to open up to your own uniqueness.

We are all different. We are all unique. We all have a purpose to explore and express for the evolution of the planet.

If we use the measurements and expectations of our culture and our media we will never find the true calling of our soul and its divine expression.

We will not be able to honour the gift of who we are just as we are. We live in the world of expectation, duty and conformity.

The paradox is that until we own our uniqueness we cannot create unity. We do the opposite we create conflict. We judge and measure others based on how we have been taught to view reality.

When you are in harmony with the truth of your soul’s purpose and expression you can honour this within everyone else. Instead of creating conflict it creates unity.

Nature is a perfect example of this. Seasons do not fight each other. The sun and the moon are in perfect synchronisation with each other, light and darkness working together to generate what we need to function.

The question is what is unique about you? Can you remove your mask of conventional expectation and begin to gently explore who you are? What is your passion? What do you love doing? What do you need to create harmony and balance in your life? Do you take the time to love and honour yourself?

Go back to your childhood and remember what you loved doing as a child – this will give you some clues as to your divine purpose.

Self-investment is the greatest gift you can give yourself as it means you shine the real beauty of your soul out into the world. This is genuine soul expression.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more about how to connect to your unique soul and its sacred expression.  

Divine Blessings

Elizabeth Ann

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