Grounding can be defined as:

Balancing and blending our physical mental and emotional energy within the inner planes of the planet

When a child is born the physical umbilical cord is cut however there remains an etheric umbilical cord between the child and the mother.

Until puberty the child’s energy is primarily grounded through the mother.

Grounding  is vital to the sense of belonging and connection to our sacred planet. It enables us to develop a powerful sense of our own gifts, skills and soul purpose.

Everything we need to thrive on earth is provided by the planet and its etheric mother Lady Gia

When children connect with nature and play they explore and develop their own unique relationship with life. They discover the beauty, magic, inspiration and creativity that exists within themselves and the planet. This creates a sacred bond unifying their soul expression to the evolution of the planet.

This bond is lifelong – empowering and enabling  the highest potential and expression of who we are to be continuously manifested.

At puberty the etheric umbilical cord starts to disintegrate as the child begins to establish their own unique connection to the Planet and to Lady Gaia.

They then accrue their own karma. If the grounding bond has been established the focus for their behaviour comes from inner integrity and innate wisdom.

The fundamental importance of grounding has been eroded and lost. As a result, many young people have not established this sacred connection and don’t have  sense of purpose or self-value.  They are then at the mercy of materialistic values.

Perhaps it’s time to review your own connection to our planet and nature. To make time to go outside to  play, walk, meditate, dream, sing, dance etc. To visit sacred places – the temples, castles ancient monuments, stone circles, the hills, the lochs and lakes and forests etc.

Do it for yourself, do it for your children, your grandchildren and all future generations.

Belong fully onto Planet Earth and honour all she stands for and know the beauty and truth of your own divinity will shine out into the world.

Divine Blessings

Elizabeth Ann

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