Revolution V Evolution

Revolution v Evolution
Detaching from the Collective Consciousness

What if you could see the world from a different perspective? A perspective which helps you to understand the divine purpose in all reality. How would this change your life?
We all have this potential – it is innate. Yet we have lost the power to use this gift. Rather we become stuck in a reality of life and purpose which disempowers our true potential.
There are significant global events at the moment – all designed to awaken our consciousness and open us up to the evolution of the planet. How we perceive them creates either fear and conflict or wisdom and evolution.
The collective consciousness is a giant energy matrix which holds the collective thoughts/beliefs of countries and the world. The thoughts may be different but if the energy comes from fear and negativity they will be collectively stored in this space.
This consciousness is like a sticky glue which traps us into thinking and behaving in ways which hold us back and disempower us. Anything which creates a judgemental response in us holds us in this glue.
When enough people detach from this consciousness and think differently the opportunity for change happens. In the past this has resulted in revolution in all its forms from striking to overthrow of Royalty and Governments.
A period of turmoil follows this – sometimes lasting for centuries. Have we learned anything from this process?
Evolution is a natural progression from revolution. It takes us into a divine flow of understanding and trusting the divine plan, and how we can evolve our consciousness into higher states of wisdom and compassion.
If we know why something is happening then we will understand it better and therefore heal it. This assumes that we can see the full picture. Most of the time we cannot!
There are many differing theories related to what is happening on our planet and why they are happening. What you believe is based on your own soul’s development through your personality self.
If the energy of your belief creates polarity through judgement – it gets anchored in the collective consciousness, regardless of how pure your motives are!
The tools needed to create evolution are not the same as those used for revolution. You must decide where you wish your consciousness to be. Neither is right or wrong – both create unique opportunities for spiritual growth.
I have always had an intrinsic need to understand the divine purpose in our existence – to see beyond the “obvious” into the invisible reality which governs life.
My need to know “why” was replaced with a deep sense of inner faith and trust in all experiences. Its not the same ad doing nothing or ignoring reality – rather it’s a subtle shift into a higher connection to your solar angel and causal body which in turn allows more powerful streams of consciousness to flow through you.
You become the “observer” quietly holding a light of illumination for all that is in existence. You may find that you have less to say, yet inside your knowing becomes greater.
The need for revolution is a powerful and necessary learning phase – but we have become stuck in this cycle through the collective consciousness.
Take a moment to think about world events and your views on them. Notice your perceptions and any judgement or blame you may harbour. This will illuminate where you are connected to the collective consciousness.
The starting point for any transmutation of energy is through our heart centre. The following meditation may be useful: –

1. Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed
2. Light a candle (if safe to do so)
3. Ideally sit on a comfortable chair or cross legged on the floor
4. Close your eyes and for a few moments focus on your breath – allowing everything to become still and peaceful
5. Place your hands on your heart centre and sense the connection between your heart and your hands ….. the inner and outer expression of your love and compassion
6. Sense this flowing to every aspect of your body….. and mind…..
7. Gently hum…. Or tone….. or sound Ohm…….. 7 or 11 times
8. Sense the flow of energy from your heart to your feet in clockwise spirals of light …….. which then flow down through your earth star ….. moving below the surface levels of consciousness…… d
9. Moving deeper and deeper into the inner planes….. into the crystalline grids….. into the ancient portals of wisdom …..
10. Sense the wise and sacred ancestors connecting with you…… holding you in a light of pure love ……
11. Stay here for a few moments …. Telepathically attuning to the stream of wisdom flowing from them into your heart centre…..
12. Now sense the presence of Lady Gaia ….. the divine mother calling you deeper down…… into the centre of her heart…..
13. Feel the pulse and flow of her light into your heart …. Connecting you to the heart of the planet…..
14. Let her light fill every cell in your body…… and start to become at one with the planet…. And all that exists…..
15. Let this flow from your heart into your causal emotional and mental body …. Bringing all into harmony
16. Feel the energy now flowing from your heart in an anti-clockwise direction up through your throat, third eye crown and transpersonal chakras …. Up to your soul star and the might Solar Angel ….. who over lights you….
17. Let this pulsing light expand as it flows down into your heart…….
18. Sense all the wise beings within your Sacred Ray of learning (or Ashram) connecting with this light ……

19. Visualise that you are a golden bridge of consciousness …. Bringing together all aspects of inner judgement into divine harmony……
20. Look down into the planet and visualise this bridge of consciousness uniting all that is into peace harmony and oneness.
21. When you are ready bring your awareness back into your heart centre and your physical body…. Be aware of your feet on the floor…. Yawn and gently stretch your body …. Open your eyes
22. Take a drink of water and if relevant record your experience in a journal
There are points in our development where the difference in perspective becomes subtle. Where the ego thinks it is the soul – and quietly binds us into a reality of its choosing.
If you would like to learn or understand more about soul evolution please get in touch. I will be honoured to work with you.
Elizabeth Ann

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