Voice of the Crone

She spoke – no-one heard ….
she spoke again….. some heard but did not listen ….
many never heard…
She thought…… What can I Do?
who will listen …. to the Crone….
Yet in her heart she knew she must speak….
with compassion wisdom and power….
these are her gifts…..
earned through many lifetimes …. and many experiences
her voice is the voice of the wise ones…
the ancient ones from the inner planes….
the angelic ones…. the masters…..
the intergalactic ones….
the pure voices…. of God/Goddess in its many forms
She must call to the hearts of all beings
she must sing her song to them…..
so they too can come home to the light of their soul
she must once more remind beings of evolution….
uniting old and new
uniting Grandmother daughter and granddaughter
uniting Grandfather son and grandson
uniting masculine and feminine
into higher levels of creation and wisdom
For she is the weaver of life
she holds the vision from past present and future
weaving them together in the alchemy and unity
of humanity…..
so the Crone will talk…. the crone will share….
the crone will know her life is creation….
in its highest form…..
All wisdom which has been lost
all wisdom which is yet to be discovered
all wisdom which is now known
can be woven into the light of illumination
so all will see the wisdom within all that is.
the crone speaks……can you hear her voice?
can you listen to her words?
can your heart expand into the truth of your soul expression?
Can you remember who you are?
This is her gift…..
In honour of all Crones
Elizabeth Ann
Sacred Oracle Teachings

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