Transforming your Reality

Transforming your Reality

Many of you reading this will be aware of the concept that we create our own reality. However there is a vast difference between knowing this and fully accepting and embracing all your experiences with love and trust.

Perhaps when you look around at you life you may wonder why you have created “particular experiences?” Indeed what may be happening with your job; your family; your community and your country may not match your expectations. Add to this the feedback which comes from the media, newspapers, television, government etc. and the picture may look very gloomy, hopeless and depressing.

Surely if there is a higher force or God then there must be a better more joyful way of living for ourselves and future generations. Of course there is a Divine Plan for this planet and everything which exists on it. To fully understand and embrace everything requires us to see and understand our reality in a more constructive way. To do this we have to fully appreciate what is happening on the planet and why.

We are moving into a New Golden Age on Earth – where our vibration will be fully 5th dimensional. At this new level we have the opportunity to learn and grow in a more profound way. A way which will allow us to create a planet of peace, love, wisdom, joy and abundance…….. and so much more. We will be in total harmony with everything, our wisdom and understanding of technology, healing etc. will expand vastly beyond our current knowledge.

There have been times on this planet where our vibration was fully 5thdimensional and these times were called the Golden Ages. Much has been written about Atlantis and Lemuria and the great consciousness which existed then. However humanity was not fully able to hold this pure vibration and the energy began to fall from the 5th to the 3rd dimension. The Spiritual Hierarchy anticipated this and for thousands of years made preparation for the safekeeping of all this wisdom and knowledge – to be used again when we were ready.

To do this all that is not in alignment with 5th dimensional consciousness must be transmuted. The following Vision Prayer will help people understand the new reality we are creating:

I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and housed
every child is loved and educated to develop their talents
where the heart is more important than the head
and wisdom is revered over riches
in this world justice, equality and fairness rule
nature is honoured so the waters flow pure and clear
and the air is fresh and clean

plants and trees are nurtured
all animals are respected and treated with kindness
happiness and laughter prevail

and humans walk hand in hand with angels
thank you for the love understanding wisdom and courage
and humility to do my part to spread the light

may all the world ascend
so be it
Diana Cooper 2010

Use this prayer as a template, or if you prefer write your own vision prayer. Start to focus on what you want rather than focussing on what you see or do not want. Our reality is a collection of our consciousness and the collective consciousness of our community and country. If we stay in the vibration of criticising it, rejecting it or fighting it we stay stuck – simply because we create more of the same energy. This is a spiritual law in action – the Law of Attraction.

Please remember that we are never given anything that we are not capable of transforming. The potential for success is always there. What hinders success is our expectations. We pray and want instant outcomes. We look at the world, see the chaos and assume that our prayers and hopes are not working. However we are being asked to look beyond this – and fully hold the vision of the new Golden Age. We must:

Believe with total faith and trust
Do this from your heart
Do this without expectation
Do this every day

Do you feel stuck? Do you blame others for the problems you face? Do you feel alone, misunderstood or dejected? Or perhaps there is another emotion which best describes how you feel?

Do you value yourself enough to take the time to question and review your perceptions? This investment is needed to transform your reality. Begin to question what you see and challenge all your unhelpful perceptions. There is a purpose in everything – start to explore the divine purpose in all your experiences.

Please remember that deep within each and every one of us is a divine spark whose purity cannot be destroyed. When we remember to connect with this through our heart centre we find the faith, understanding and strength to truly change our perceptions into empowering insights. This empowers us to learn, grow and move forward in inspiration and love.

The following visualisation may help:

  • Find a place where you will not be disturbed
  • Light a candle and take a few moments to read the vision prayer (or another prayer of your choice)
  • Close your eyes, visualise or sense roots growing down through your feet connecting you to the consciousness of ancient Greece
  • Sense that you are opening up through your crown chakra and connecting with God or source and ask the angels to surround you (or any other wise beings)
  • Go into your heart centre and connect with your own unconditional love and compassion
  • Allow this to expand to every cell in your body and out into your auric field
  • Take a few moments to fully become unconditional love
  • Now bring forward any old patterns or beliefs – sense them coming
  • into the vibration of unconditional love
    Sense them dissolving into unconditional love………. and transforming into your vision
  • Take a few moments to integrate this energy
  • Once more send it down through your roots to the consciousness of ancient Greece…… sense the portals within the inner planes opening you up to new wisdom
  • Gently open your eyes and take a drink of water
  • If you wish record your experience

It is so important for everyone to start be-ing that which they wish to create. When we transform our beliefs miracles happen. Your evolution will help the evolution of many others. The whole of the spiritual hierarchy both above and within the inner planes is ready for your expansion. Embrace your soul purpose with love and trust and know within your heart that you are a divine co-creator.

If you would like to find out more about how to change your reality then please contact me:

From my heart to your heart I send love light and great blessings

Elizabeth Ann

Download the PDF version here

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