Standing in my Power

Standing in my Power – The Law of Balance and Polarity

I remember as a child aged about 6 years I had a best friend whom I walked to school with every day. Sometimes we had a great fun and I loved her – however there were times when for no reason (well at least none that I could fathom out as a six year old!) she would become argumentative and start fighting with me. Naturally at these points I disliked her intensely and was afraid of her.

I could feel her aggression and its impact made me afraid. Even as a child I wanted the world to be a nice loving place with no conflict. My fear paralysed me and I had to wait for her to decide to be friends with me again – and the cycle would be repeated over again.

You may have similar experiences or perhaps you have children and you recognise the play/fight cycle as being part of growing up. There may be times when you have wished (like me) that there was only love and peace, because as a parent it can be hard work managing these situations.

Of course it would have been wonderful if I had been taught to “stand my own power” then the outcome of my friend’s behaviour would have been very different. However I now recognise that standing in my power can only be effective if I also understand the Law of Balance and Polarity.

A major part of our learning on this planet is the ability to create an
inner balance and alignment which is grounded and attuned to the inner planes as well as the spiritual hierarchy. This is our 5th dimensional consciousness – the planet is already in this vibration – as we attune to it and match it we anchor in higher levels of wisdom and knowledge. So in essence our own “power” can evolve in a way which will bring back the understanding needed to develop the new golden age to its full potential.

The Law of balance and polarity can accurately describe our journey back to wholeness – from extremes of mental emotional and physical responses to inner control and balance. I like to sense my consciousness as a musical instrument (a harp) being fine-tuned each and every day. Take a moment to consider your essence – if it was a musical instrument what would it be?

Now musical instruments need “tuned” every time they are used – and we are no different. Our daily attunement or foundation for all spiritual practices should include:-

  1. Grounding – either standing or sitting visualising golden roots flowing from your feet to the centre of the planet and being held in the light of Lady Gaia (the mighty angel in charge of the Planet)
  2. Attune – sensing a light flowing from your heart through your crown going to God or Source connecting you to the highest consciousness
  3. Protect – visualising a golden bubble around your (or some other form of protection) to maintain the purity and integrity of your connection
  4. Calling in or invoking your Angels, Archangels Ascended Masters guides whose resonance is from the 7th dimension and above

Practice this every morning and evening and any time you sense your energy moving from this divine alignment. You are the instrument of God and as you align your chakras can fully resonate at their highest frequency.

Now perhaps like me you like to think that you are always in alignment and that you avoid polarity extremes. What we have to remember is that every time we think we are right we may inadvertently activate the Law of Polarity. Simply put when we are right some else must be wrong!

The easiest way to overcome this is to change your frame of reference and start personalising your language:

  • This belief is right for me today – (and accept that it may not be right for you tomorrow)
  • this is my belief
  • this is my truth
  • this is my wisdomAs you accept what is your consciousness you can also let go of the idea that everyone must be in alignment with your ideas or beliefs. We all have the “right” to our own beliefs. The only person who needs to believe your truth is you!

Pay attention to how many times people try to convince others that they are right – it becomes a crusade – crusades create conflict.

Always see your beliefs as an inner resonance constantly flowing in alignment with Source and opening you up to new potential insights.
Own what is your truth and wisdom, ground it, attune it and become it. Do this with the awareness that “what is true for me today may not be true for me tomorrow” This is not fickle rather we need to remember that it is our grounded and aligned energy which keeps us open to more evolved insights and perceptions.

It is this flow of grounded balanced “being-ness” which changes your consciousness and in turn impacts on other people and ultimately the collective consciousness of communities, countries and the world.

So if my belief is that peace should reign on earth, I create and align peace inside me, I become peace and this alignment moves me from the polarity of war and fighting war to becoming “peace” and creating harmony and balance

Take a moment to think of someone whose behaviour you dislike or disapprove of. What is it about their behaviour you do not like? Notice or sense how polarised your views are from the other person.

Then do the following:-


  • sit quietly and ground, attune, protect and invoke
  • take your awareness to your heart centre and place your hands on
  • your heart – sense it’s pure white light flowing through your body
  • now think of your values as they relate to the person whose beliefs you do not agree with…………….
  • let your values flow in the pure white resonance of your heart……. Stay here for a few moments
  • now sense or visualise that your beliefs or values are being aligned with the highest consciousness of the spiritual hierarchy…. Sense this as a beautiful shower of divine light flowing down and merging with you………….
  • Then a vibrant stream of light flows up from Lady Gaia through your roots into your body…….. and merges in your heart centre…..
  • You become a threefold flame of light………….let this light illuminate every cell of your being…..let it fill your auric field…..
  • Know that you are in the flame of wisdom, illumination and power…..
  • From this space of balance now observe the other person’s views…..
  • Notice how your energy stays grounded aligned……….and
  • balanced………..
  • From your pure white heart centre …..visualise your energy now becoming a catalyst…for peace and balance….on the planet
  • Picture everyone and everything becoming part of this vibration….
  • Now bless the other person, thank your angels and guides…… take a moment to reground your energy… open your eyes and take a drink of water
  • You may also wish to record any thoughts in a journal.

True power comes from balance. Honour yourself as you would a sacred instrument, align and attune daily to this inner wisdom. Know and love the Spiritual Laws from the space of your heart centre – they will serve you well on your journey to ascension.

Elizabeth Ann
Principal, Diana Cooper School

Download the PDF version here

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