Speaking my Truth

Speaking my Truth The Law of Projection

In Diana’s previous newsletter I outlined the significance of saying no and its connection to the Law of Intention. In this article I want to focus on the importance of speaking your truth with wisdom and integrity within the context of the Law of Projection.

Saying no is usually a response to a request from another. Speaking your truth has a much broader application than just saying “no”. When you consider speaking your truth there can be a sense that you “have to convince the other person that what you are saying is important”.

We do this because we want to be accepted, or believed or respected by whoever is listening to us. Moreover we also want the other person or persons to value us as a human being. We might even want them to like us, or praise us – at the very least we want positive feedback and encouragement. If your ideas have ever been ridiculed, ignored or side- lined then you will be reluctant to share them.


  1. Take a moment to reflect on who you can truly be yourself with?
  2. Now consider the opposite – who are you reluctant to share your ideas opinions, values with?
  3. What is the difference between the 2 groups of people?

In exploring point 3, pay attention to the perceptions and judgements you have about the group you are reluctant to share with. Notice the language you use to describe them. For example they may appear uncaring, opinionated, bossy, rude, critical, etc. This in turn becomes our rationale for not sharing with them.

Now it is perfectly wise to decide against sharing these with people who do not value them. However there are times when we all have to stand in our power and communicate our truth regardless of how it will be received. This is where understanding the Law of Projection will help us to communicate more effectively.

You may all know that our reality is a reflection of our beliefs etc. So what we project outwards is our inner consciousness (or energy) in action.

So if we defend our views we are creating an energy vibration of conflict. Like begets like so defensiveness creates defensiveness. Self-doubt creates doubt; simply because if you do not fully believe in what you are saying you cannot create belief in others.

Have you ever listened to a friend or colleague who is trying to convince you to do something i.e. read a book, watch a film or attend a workshop because they think it is so amazing that you “must do it too!” They may need you to love it too so that they can validate their view and feed their ego.

The need for validation and reassurance bridges all aspects of our consciousness. Notice how often people are offended because others do not like their cooking, choice of music, fashion sense…… the list is endless. Whatever you do, do not turn down the offer of Grannie’s chocolate cake! I once ate a mincemeat pie (knowing that the pastry did not agree with me) so that my work colleague was not offended. I was so ill I had to go home to bed.

So you may ask – “why did you not say something Elizabeth Ann?”Simply put it was easier to offend my body than offend the other person. More simply put I did not have the skills to speak my truth with wisdom and love.

Speaking your truth is not just about sharing your deepest values with people. It’s also about the everyday challenges of working from a space of integrity and I would ask you to consider this as being your foundation for working consciously with the spiritual laws.

Here is another interesting thought. What if we all felt free to just be ourselves, to express ourselves knowing that we loved and valued ourselves as did everyone…..and as a result the mirror (or Law of Projection) reflected this vibrant 5th dimensional consciousness throughout the world. If you need some inspiration to help you with this read (or re- read) Diana’s book Discover Atlantis. Know that as it existed then – it also exists now as we remember and re-connect we once more anchor our 5th dimensional consciousness.

Firstly it is vital to recognise the importance of your voice in the process. Words spoken are sacred sounds and should only ever be used with love and integrity – regardless of circumstances.

Every time you have something to say take a moment to consider why you want to share this. Notice your feelings, are you anxious, angry, defensive etc. If so take a time out before you respond to the person. Even a few moments’ deep breathing and heart focussing can help you.

Practicing the following exercise daily will truly enhance your skills: – You may also wish to include it in your morning or evening meditations.

Review your day and notice any situations where you have not been in alignment with your own truth – do this regardless of how big or small the situation may be.

  • Take a few moments to relax, connect your heart with the heart of lady Gaia ….. feel grounded….. your roots connect with her essence
  • Let that light flow through every cell, every chakra till it reaches God/Source… allow this flow above… below…. And within
  • You are one with all that is…..
  • See yourself surrounded in a beautiful vibrant pure white light of
  • purity and protection….Call in any angels ascended masters or guides who may be working with you
  • Now focus on your soul star chakra … sense a luminous magenta 5 pointed star vibrating 15 cm above the crown of your head
  • Sense you are moving deeper and deeper into the star and as you do so your connection with who you are… your purpose…your gifts…become clearer and clearer……
  • Let this vibration resonate in every cell.. let it fill up your heart ….
  • Let it flow out into your auric field… let it flow out to the world…..
  • Stay in this vibration for a few minutes….
  • Then consciously bring the energy back to your heart centre…
  • From this space allow the situation to come into your heart centre…..
  • See it enfolded in unconditional love ….what does your heart want to say…what is your truth….your expression
  • Sense those words flowing up to your royal blue throat chakra… and emerging out as a pure vibration of love and wisdom…..
  • Visualise the message being received into the other persons energy field as a gift…. a projection of 5th dimensional consciousness
  • Trust that your words will allow the highest understanding and outcome to evolve
  • You have given the gift…. all is well
  • Now open your heart to what the other person may want to say…
  • Thank them for sharing
  • Connect one more with Lady Gaia and send this loving vibration to the inner planes and lay lines…. Lighting up the consciousness of everyone


The more you practice this the easier it will become to automatically stay in alignment with your true essence. Your truth and wisdom is a gift you must own, practice and then share wisely.

Honour the sacredness of your words, your voice, and your vision for the world.

Elizabeth Ann
Principal Diana Cooper School

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