Seeing is Be-ing

Seeing is Be-ing – Foundations for 5th dimensional living

It’s now several years since the cosmic moment in December 2012. The event had a phenomenal build up and created expectations which left many people wondering what it was all about.

Life has (apparently) continued in the same way. Judging from the feedback I and many of my colleagues have received there has been no “instant cure” or change. In fact one of the key questions I have been asked is “Have I ascended? How will I know? What are the signs?”

My answer would not be a straight yes or no. The important concept here is not whether someone has ascended or not; rather it’s about understanding and working with the 5th dimensional energy and the creation of the new golden age. View what is happening as an evolution of consciousness and focus your attention on being a co-creator of the process.

A much more helpful way of describing what has happened is if we relate it to a birth. The 21st of December 2012 at 11.11 was the birthing of the new golden age on our planet and we were birthed with her. At this new 5th dimensional vibration we have the opportunity to learn and grow in a more profound way. A way which will allow us to create a very different planet, a planet of peace, love, wisdom, joy abundance……. and much more. We will be in total harmony with everything, our wisdom and understanding of technology, healing, etc. will expand way beyond our current expectations.

So we are in this new vibration and we are responsible for creating the planetary changes. Of course there is amazing and profound guidance from the spiritual hierarchy. In fact the 5th dimensional vibration allows us to connect with them more easily. Therefore their support is stronger, their guidance more profound, their inspiration more uplifting.

I have a lovely saying “If you want to move in a new direction you need a new map. The old one cannot take you there”. So my first question to everyone is “Do you have your new map?” What are your expectations of what should be happening?

Instant cures are never part of evolved spiritual consciousness. We must all individually take responsibility for our own learning and spiritual maturity. It is never automatically given otherwise we would be like a child who gets everything and understands nothing. Our consciousness needs to evolve in a way that we see and take responsibility for healing and transforming everything that is ours. So take a few moments to reflect on your own expectations. Do not judge them, rather just notice if any of them relate to what other people “should be doing” to change the planet.

Then consider your own map. Do you have a vision for yourself and the planet? How do you want the world to be? If you already have one then wonderful! If not take the time to invest in one and hold your new vision with 100% faith in its manifestation. Become the vision.

In Diana Cooper’s book 2012 and Beyond she created a vision prayer which I have included below. The teachers in the Diana Cooper School use this vision prayer extensively in our teaching programmes and workshops.

I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and Housed, every child is loved and educated to develop their talents, Where the heart is more important than the head
And wisdom is revered over riches.
In this world justice, equality and fairness rule
Nature is honoured so the waters flow pure and clear and
The air is fresh and clean. Plants and trees are nurtured
And all animals are respected and treated with kindness Happiness and laughter prevail.
And humans walk hand in hand with angels
Thank you for the love, understanding, wisdom, courage
And humility to do my part to spread the light
May all the world ascend
So be it.

You are most warmly invited to use this as your vision prayer. Take a few moments every day to light a candle and be-come your vision prayer. It will truly make a difference to anchoring and supporting everyone’s consciousness.

I held a workshop recently where the participants were discussing how to eradicate all bullying and harassment. I asked them if they believed that we could create a working environment where everyone was valued and honoured. They all said no, this was not possible. I believe it is! The group were a little astonished by my vision but it opened them up to considering the possibility. My unwavering faith in this vision acted like a catalyst to the group – it can then become a possibility in their minds. Never under-estimate the power of being the role model for change!

They were looking at the scenario from an old, ingrained, habitual perspective i.e. “I might change but other people won’t,” You can see from this how people become stuck and eventually stop trying. Here is another question. Are there any situations in your life where you have become stuck, because it’s too much work to change other people?

The good news is that you do not need to change anyone. I know that many of you reading this already know this. However it’s useful for everyone to take the time to question and review their perceptions. You can call it a little “spiritual spring clean”.

A starting point to 5th dimensional living is to be-come the vision you want to create. You have to be it and to see it in everyone and everything. The 5th dimensional energy can more fully ground and expand and more and more people will move into the vibration.

Here are some examples which may help you to explore this concept. At the 5th dimension our heart chakra fully resonates unconditional love and compassion. Being in this vibration means that we see this potential in others. This is when we look …. We see beyond what behaviour patterns they display … and connect with the divine aspects within them.

Exercise 1

When we think people are “poor” and do not have the money to do things – we reinforce their poverty. Can you take some time to think about people on the planet who would benefit from you sending them “abundance consciousness?”

  • Light a candle
  • Take a few moments to fully centre your energy in the 5th dimension
  • Go into your heart centre and become aware of your own divine compassion and love
  • Invoke your angels and guides to surround you
  • Sense your own connection to abundance , breathe it, become it andsend it out to whoever needs it
  • With absolute faith allow abundance to manifest to everyone and everything
  • Sense that your vision is being anchored and grounded into the centre of the planet
  • Open your eyes and have a drink of water. You may also wish to record your experiences.You can use this example for any qualities you wish to create i.e. peace harmony, joy, wisdom etc. Please remember that you must do this exercise with absolute faith and no expectation.

    I am abundant
    I see abundance in everyone and everything
    The world is abundant

    This is the consciousness shift which creates the change. Move from expectation of results to be-ing the vision you want to create.

    This principle extends to everything. It is so easy to condemn and I was shown this at a recent seminar. I was in the centre of a large city. The venue was beautiful inside, however the participants mentioned that it was a pity the surrounding environment was so “ugly”. We have to see the beauty in what has been created in order to create the new.

I asked the participants to look outside. What was the purpose in building all these homes and shops? Did anyone deliberately want to create something “ugly” Was that the intention? Everyone recognised that the intention was to give people somewhere to live. The shops were built to support the needs of the people. The power cables to give them electricity… and so on. The final creation may not be exactly what we want for the future, but before we can change anything we have to love and honour all it has shown us.

This is 5th dimensional seeing is be-ing.

Exercise 2

Take a few moments to think of someplace nearby you which you may have considered to be “ugly or unattractive”.

  • See beyond this and understand what its original intention was.
  • Go into your heart centre and connect with your own divine
  • compassion
  • Love honour and thank the people who created it
  • Vision how you want the environment to be
  • Ground and anchor your vision
  • Be-come the vision

Another important aspect of this exercise is never to judge the motives of the people who have created the situation. During the above exercise one of the participants said “It’s down to greedy builders wanting to make money and build the cheapest homes for maximum profit” Rather than judging the builder we need to have compassion for him. What qualities do we want the builder to have? Then use exercise one (above) to send him this.

The third aspect I want to share relates to our relationship with the animal, bird, insect kingdom. Again in Diana’s book 2012 and also the Keys to the Universe there are many exercises to raise awareness and compassion for all living creatures. Many people are distressed and how animals are treated and this is of course understandable. To change this we need to focus on what we do want to happen and bless everyone involved. I have a profound example of this from my visit to Egypt in 2011.

We were in Cairo visiting the pyramids. It was very busy and there were lots of horses and carts to transport people. Many of the horses were very badly treated. They were emaciated, had open wounds and sores and their feet were badly shod. I looked at one horse in particular and thanked it.

I went back to the hotel, lit a candle and said Diana’s vision prayer.

I blessed the horse for showing me what needed to change. I blessed the horse owners for showing me the misunderstanding which needed to change and I held the unwavering vision of all horses being healthy happy and being honoured.

I have 100% faith that we will create a new golden age on the planet. This is 5th dimensional consciousness. Take a moment to reflect. Do you still have beliefs which need to evolve? Do not try to “get rid of them” – they won’t go as they are part of your energy. The following exercise will help you to transform them.

Exercise 3

  • Find a place where you will not be disturbed
  • Light a candle and take a few moments to read your vision prayer (or Diana’s)
  • Close your eyes, ground your roots, align yourself with Source and ask the angels to surround you
  • Go into your heart centre and connect with your own unconditional love and compassion
  • Feel this connection expanding to become part of the universal love
  • From your heart fully become unconditional love
  • Now bring forward any old patterns or beliefs – sense them coming into the light
  • Breathe them into your be-ing and sense them merging with your vision
  • Take a few moments to integrate the energy. Ground your energy again
  • Open your eyes

Use this exercise every time you become aware of aspects of your consciousness which need transformed. The more we do this the more we become fully 5th dimensional.

In the above I have focussed on 3 exercises related to our heart chakra. We are evolving quickly. The key is to stay in a 5th dimensional alignment and bring everything in your life into this. My role and the role of the Diana Cooper School is to offer a range of empowering tools which support people on their journey.

Seeing is being. See the highest in everything, believe the highest in everything and then you activate the highest in everything.

Yours in divine service
Elizabeth Ann
Principal Diana Cooper School

Download the PDF version here

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