Perception is Truth 3

Perception is Truth – (Article 3) The Laws of Creation

In my previous two articles for Paradigm Shift I outlined both:

  • The underpinning principles of the Spiritual Laws
  • The basic Laws of Life

Once a young soul has learned how to apply the basic laws of life then they are ready to start taking responsibility for their own life and the Laws of Creation are activated. This process starts around the time of puberty. In ancient times this period was marked by “Rites of Passage” This allowed teenagers to fully understand and accept the responsibility of becoming an adult.

Many years ago when my elder daughter was aged thirteen I found her looking through a furniture catalogue with her friend. It seemed a little strange from someone so young to be doing this so I asked her why. She replied:

“We are looking for the furniture we will need for our flat when we go to University”

They both seemed so excited by the prospect of having their own “space” away from parents albeit that it would be several years before this was possible. I then asked her who was going to be paying for all this new furniture. She seemed very puzzled by this question and said:

“Don’t we get all of this provided for us? We don’t have any money”

I explained about parent’s contribution, grants and student loans etc. She was very disappointed by all of this. However she certainly began to understand the reality of responsibility. The Laws of Creation are our voyage of understanding both:-

  • how our current reality has been created
  • how to create our future reality

These Laws move us away from the womb or shelter of our parents out into the world, where we must take 100% responsibility for ourselves and all our actions.Reflective Exercise

Take a moment to think of people that you know who refuse to take responsibility for some aspect of their life i.e. blaming other people for things going wrong, not accepting responsibility for their own debts etc.

Now take a moment to review any aspect of your own life where you do not full responsibility for yourself

  • Where has this belief stemmed from?
  • What do you need to change?
  • What actions are you going to take?

It’s brave and it’s powerful to accept 100% responsibility for ourselves – yet unless we do we cannot progress on our pathway to ascension. Make the decision today to remove all blame from your thoughts, deeds and vocabulary. It’s a real challenge but the rewards are profound.There are 8 aspects of Creation and we will explore the principles underpinning each of them starting with the Law of Attention. What we focus on or give attention to becomes our reality and of course this makes absolute sense. An athlete’s attention will be almost exclusively directed to their sport and winning that medal! Whilst this seems like an obvious thing to say, many of us do not give the necessary attention to our vision and life purpose.

Reflective Exercise

Take a moment to think of what is important to you versus where your attention is fixed.

What can you do to re-focus your attention to your true goals?
Notice any resistance or excuses you may have for not making the change

The Law of Flow is about our ability to move effortlessly through the cycles and rhythms of life whilst still maintaining our vision and purpose. Staying in the flow of life means that we do not hold onto nor collect “things” just for security or status. Holding on to things creates inertia and if you have ever looked at a stagnant pond or river you will understand the result.

Nothing in life is permanent (with the exception of the Spiritual Laws) so our role is to ensure that we value, appreciate and enjoy everything we have whilst knowing when it is time to release it to allow new possibilities to enter.

I remember my parents and grandparents having their annual house spring clean where everything was taken down, thoroughly inspected, cleaned and either returned; removed or recycled. It was a valuable activity and resulted in a clean fresh house with no clutter.

Reflective Exercise

  • In what way am I stopping flow in my life – either through actions, possessions, relationships, jobs etc.?
  • What can I let go of? (recycle)
  • What new things do I want to bring into my life?

Make the commitment to regularly spring clean all aspects of your life and consciousness, paying particular attention to any areas you have “resistance to letting go or releasing”.There is also the possibility that if we ignore the Low of Flow that the Spiritual Hierarchy will give us a nudge i.e. redundancy, divorce, changes in our finances etc.

The Laws of Abundance and Prosperity are two of the best know Laws. So much has been written and yet prosperity has not increased significantly in the world, if fact the opposite seems true. We have a society where we aspire to be abundant and prosperous whilst living in poverty consciousness!

The more we think we understand these Laws, the more they seem to evade us. The primary cause is our perception of their true meaning and application.

When you enter a restaurant and look at the menu, provided you have the money, you can order anything you wish. However you can only order what is on the menu. In the same way each and every one of us has a defined soul purpose, and everything we create must be in alignment with this.

So in a way we have our own “menu” and all is possible within the scope of its application. The starting point is always to explore your own life purpose and allow the Laws of Abundance and Prosperity to flourish within the dynamic of your mission and lessons. If our perceptions of abundance and prosperity do not match our soul purpose then they cannot be created.

This does not mean that some people are destined for poverty and destitution. We may have chosen this experience to learn the true meaning of abundance and how to create it. For example over the last few years my income slowly reduced until it was half of what it had been. I realised that although I had so much less I was more appreciative of everything I did have. I became more grateful and now bless everything.

Until we can fully appreciate all that we have and use it wisely then we cannot progress. Now I always check that everything I ask for is for my highest good. I always receive exactly what I need and yes I am abundant!

Reflective Exercise

A good way to check whether you are abundant conscious or poverty conscious is to imagine that you are about to do your weekly shop but can only spend 1⁄2 of your usual amount.

As you go round your supermarket, notice if your focus is on:

  • what you cannot afford (poverty consciousness)
  • how much you can buy for your money (abundance consciousness)

Clarity and Intention are of course separate Laws but I have grouped them together for this article because of their obvious connection. When making decisions remember this formula:-

Clarity of direction
Clarity of action

Clarity of action when used with grace and integrity it is always a gift.

Reflective Exercise

Apply the above principle to your own life. Are you clear about your own direction and purpose?

Start paying attention to how you communicate and resolve to match your life purpose and direction with your thoughts, deeds and words and the Law of Clarity will ensure positive outcomes.

There are times when our intention is to please or help other people and in doing this we often sacrifice our own needs, values and truth. Conversely sacrificing our own needs does not serve the highest outcome of situations because it is built on false foundations.

Sooner or later behaving in this way builds up resentment and conflict. This is always a clear signal that we need to take a step back and examine our intention. Before you agree to serve others take time to ensure that what you are doing honours your life path and values and if so it will also serve the highest purpose for everyone involved.

This now leads us to The Laws of Manifestation and Success. Manifestation can be described and the conscious or unconscious process of activating our mind to produce specific outcomes. Our role is to ensure that our manifestations are conscious actions based on sound spiritual wisdom and maturity rather than unconscious (and usually negative) thoughts.

Take time to ensure that you manifest based on a conscious understanding of the principles described in this article. Then:

1. take time to still your mind
2. be clear about what you want
3. use all your senses to visualise, hear feel and sense yourself receiving it 4. have 100% faith that that or something better will manifest
5. take any necessary steps to prepare for its arrival

The Law of Success of course is closely related to manifestation and often when the outcome does not match our expectation we assume we have failed. Measuring success these ways is restrictive and based on a win or lose mentality.

A more effective formula for success is to use the 5 steps for manifestation outlined above and to review the outcome taking time to:

  • identify what worked well
  • what needs to be adjusted, healed or transformed to bring everything into alignment

On final point here – there is a Divine Plan for our planet and we are part of that plan. There will be times where ware doing things for the right reasons and the highest good and they do not appear to work.

At these points we must trust that if we have done our best that there is a higher purpose. In these circumstances success can and should be measured in relation to our pure intention and action rather than the direct outcome. Acceptance of this principle means that you understand and have faith in the Divine Plan and you are ready to embrace the Higher Laws.

Yours in Divine Service

Elizabeth Ann

Download the PDF version here

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