Perception is Truth 2

Perception is Truth – (Article 2 Spiritual Laws) The Basic Laws of Life

In Issue 63 of Paradigm shift I outlined my foundation for understanding the spiritual laws through using the Transformational Framework to help find meaning and purpose in your experiences. This is a valuable starting point in exploring and developing your knowledge of the Laws and how to apply them effectively.

In this article I will explore the Spiritual Laws themselves in more detail starting with some of the Basic Laws of Life. As a guide the Laws can be divided up into 3 key areas:-

  • Basic laws of life
  • The laws of creation
  • The laws of higher awareness and higher frequency

Depending on where we are on our spiritual development ladder the impact of these laws will work slightly differently. In the same way a young child needs to understand boundaries values, cultural norms etc. A young soul operates primarily within the basic laws of life. A teenage soul starts to understand the laws of creation in the same way that adolescence starts to explore procreation etc. A mature soul who has a deeper understanding of life starts to operate within the laws of higher awareness and frequency. As a principle the higher laws can only be activated fully through a consciousness which matches this higher vibration.

Therefore wherever a soul is in its development – the laws match the rate and consciousness of the person. If we use some of the basic laws of life to illustrate this point you will see the subtle nuances I refer to.

For example one of the basic laws of life is as within so without. This simply means that our internal reality (beliefs) creates and matches our external reality. Now a young soul working with this law may hold a poverty consciousness approach to life. This creates a sense of lack and a focus on “making or gaining money” as a form of security and status. A mature soul also operates within the same law – however the difference is that the mature soul understands that in this 5th dimensional consciousness the universe will provide for all our needs.

They are both working within the same law however the outcomes of their perceptions create very different realities for both parties. The young soul’s reality can become very self-centred and filled with struggle whilst the mature soul whose understanding is more evolved becomes a co-creator with God and lives in totally trust and harmony.

Another basic law of life is “as above so below”. Effectively this means that the guiding principles which over light the spiritual laws are based on unconditional love and impartiality. The laws therefore are without judgement; put simply are a feedback mechanism which informs us of what we are doing well and what in our life needs to be transformed and healed. God or Source and the spiritual hierarchy patiently and unstintingly hold the vision of each and every one achieving our soul’s purpose and the creation of heaven on earth. So you can see why this is the foundation for all the spiritual laws.

Take a few moments to reflect on both these Laws:-

  • As within so without – what in your current reality is not serving you? What underlying belief system has created this reality for you? What can you do to change this?
  • As above so below – if God holds a divine blueprint for your success what do you need to change within you to believe that you can achieve you soul’s mission? Do you truly believe that we can create heaven on earth? If not what stops you?NoteRemember there are no right and wrong perceptions. Do not judge your insights rather explore them with love and patience.A good technique to help you explore from an observation perspective is to notice how many times you see situations and jump to conclusions about what has happened. This is a deeply ingrained habit particularly with close friends family and yourself.For instance you may notice that someone close to you is very quiet and not saying much. You then assume that there is something wrong and say “What’s wrong with you – you are very quiet?” The conclusion that something is wrong is an assumption. Assumptions often cause offence and deep irritation.


  • Think of situations where you have been on the receiving end of other people’s assumptions about you – how does this feel?
  • Think of a situation where you have automatically assumed something about yourself. For example you make a mistake and you assume you are stupid.
  • Notice and record every time you use unhelpful language towards yourself or others and take the time to replace these words with empowering ones. Do this until your thoughts and language inspire and create positive constructive feedback for all situations.

The more we pay attention to these small but powerful reflections the easier it becomes to observe and transform them from the space of “as above so below” When we have a perspective on life as being a wonderful learning environment then every experience is a gift.

In working this way it is easy to see how this approach modifies our internal perspective and creates very different experiences – as within so without – becomes a transformational guidance and reference tool.

There are of course other basic laws of life which include The Law of:-

  • Request
  • Attraction
  • Resistance
  • Reflection
  • Projection
  • Attachment

You will appreciate that it is not possible to explore each one in detail. Rather we will explore some of the key points which illustrate the practical reality of how the Law operates. The more we relate the laws to our everyday life the easier it is to use them as your “guidance bible” then the more you understand just how perfect all our mirror reflections are.

Exploring the Law of Request allows us to understand how we help and support ourselves and others. In simple terms the Law of Request means that if we ask we will be given. Now within this concept there are of course built in safety features. Think of the difference between asking and demanding A young soul often demands things. This may not be obvious in the language but it is very obvious in the vibration and projection of the words – demand creates resistance. Conflict and war come from this vibration – whether it be between families’ communities’ cultures or countries.

Reflective Exercise

Pay attention to how many times people demand things. Note the reaction this creates. You may notice resistance, irritation, anger etc…..

When we operate from a 5th dimensional consciousness our requests are always for the highest good of our evolution and therefore the evolution of the planet. This results in the request (or something even better) being granted.

Always take the time to consciously ask/request from a space of being grounded and in alignment with heaven and earth. Ensure the request comes from your heart. Do not judge rather hold the belief that the Spiritual Hierarchy will provide you with the absolute outcome which is perfect for your learning and spiritual growth.

A simple way of understanding how each of the laws operate is to focus on the word itself and what it represents. Consider what the following words mean to you:-

  • Attraction
  • Resistance
  • Reflection
  • Projection
  • Attachment

In doing this we can begin to see how the Laws operate in our life. Below is a template which you can use to gain a deeper understanding of an issue in your life.


Think of a situation or challenge you are facing at the moment: Ask yourself the following questions:-

  • The law of Attraction
    1. What aspect of me has attracted this experience?
    2. What is the mirror/message/learning?
  • The Law of Resistance
    1. What (if anything) am I resisting in this experience?
  • The Law of Reflection
    1. What aspect of me is mirrored in this experience?
  • The Law of Projection
    1. What belief/projection has created this experience?….(notice any sayings or phrases you may use… i.e. “I’m never going to get a better job”)
  • *The Law of Attachment
    1. What thoughts, beliefs ideas am I attached to in this experience? (they may be positive or negative)

We are often attached to experiences which we know are restricting our growth. It may involve letting go or releasing a job or relationship. In many cases we feel safe in these experiences (even if we do not like them) and use this as a rationale for doing nothing. If the situation is not for our highest good we will become more and more uncomfortable. Exploring and recognising our attachment/s can truly help us to move forward and release them with love and wisdom.

You can also include the first 3 Basic Laws of Life in your analysis. Consider using this template to review your accomplishments/successes. This is inspirational and will let you see how your positive beliefs create fruitful outcomes.

A final point to consider in the discussion about the basic Laws of Life is “collective consciousness”. The cultural norms and values are a direct reflection of the collective consciousness of the people. A student recently asked me how to protect herself against the negative influences of her government. In truth she cannot do this – simply because the government is a reflection of the consciousness of the people. So there is no point in fighting or criticising your government or its policies. What we need to do is to transform those aspects within ourselves and work towards the vision of how we want to be. Being critical or negative towards others creates more negativity which reinforces the very energy we want to change.


Take a moment to consider your own country, its people and its policies and cultural norms. What can you learn about yourself from this observation? What needs to transform within you to change the collective consciousness.

Like begets like – if we want a wise and inspirational government – we must create this within ourselves and then the energy of this starts to resonate the same frequency. The Laws are the Laws. They are absolute – it’s only our doubts and fears which inhibit our progress. So take some time every day to consider your vision for yourself, your country and the world and use this as the foundation for your 5th dimensional alignment.

This simple and profound practice can create miracles.

My next article will focus on the Laws of Creation which include Abundance Prosperity and Success.

Yours in love light and divine wisdom

Elizabeth Ann

Download the PDF version here

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