Healing and Heart Visioning

Healing and Heart Visioning


We all want to live on a planet of perfection; where peace, love, wisdom, joy and abundance become the birth-right of everyone and everything. This is 5th dimensional consciousness and we are all journeying towards this vision. To truly create abundance on all levels we must:

  • •Align with our soul purpose
  • Hold all our chakras fully in their 5th dimensional consciousness
  • Vision from our heart centre
  • Heal and bring everything into this vibration

During this workshop you will be given the tools and techniques to allow you to fully activate your heart centre and manifest with the consciousness and alignment of the Spiritual Hierarchy. When you work in this way you become a co-creator and your actions are focussed on what is for the highest good of both your soul purpose and that of the planet.

The reason why this process works is because it activates the three Transcendent Spiritual Laws:

  1. Faith
    2. Grace
    3. Oneness

When activated these Laws create: love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, empathy, generosity, trust and as a result miracles can happen. They cannot be activated from the mind they must be activated from within the heart centre where our true being- ness exists.

The Wisdom in our words resonate frequencies of 
Divine Love

We then become an anchor for the New Golden Age. We can connect more fully with the ancient wisdom held within the portals and inner planes of the planet as well as that from the ascension planets and beyond. Great gifts of: technology, knowledge and healing will allow us to build a new and evolved planet where everything is honoured, loved and respected.

A foundation for our on-going spiritual development is to attune and develop our chakra energy and bring it fully into alignment with the 5th dimensional vibration.

Chakras are vortices of vibrating light which link our subtle body to our physical one. Their purpose is to bring about the development of our consciousness on all levels: physical, emotional mental and spiritual.

In times of higher consciousness on the planet such as the period of Golden Atlantis we had 12 functioning chakras. As the consciousness of the planet fell only 7 of these chakras remained functioning.

As the vibration on the planet has become 5th dimensional the 5 chakras are now re- opening. This allows us to connect more easily to the spiritual hierarchy and their support guidance and inspiration will help us create the new Golden Age on earth.

The diagram below outlines the position of your 12 chakras. When they are fully activated at a 5th dimensional vibration we become cosmic masters. If you consciously work with all 12 of your chakras will accelerate your ascension.

Details of our 12 chakras:

Earth Star Chakra
Is located 30cms below your feet and is black and white in colour (yin -yang). The Earth star chakra both holds your life potential within it as well as providing the anchor for your spiritual development. All consciousness must flow through the earth star into the centre of the planet before it can be activated. The earth star is also our connection with the wisdom held within the inner planes and hollow earth where the divine blueprint is held. In sacred geometry the earth star is a circle containing a black and white yin yang symbol and the Archangel in charge is Sandalphon. The tone us a deep agh.

Base Chakra
Is located at the base of our spine. Its colour is platinum and at the 5th dimension it represents our faith that all our needs for food shelter safety are met with bliss. You trust the Universe will provide for you. Archangel Gabriel is in charge of this chakra. Its sacred geometrical shape is a square. The sound to activate this chakra is “Ugh”

Sacral chakra
In the 5th dimension the sacral chakra separates into 2 chakras – the sacral and the navel to express both the divine feminine and masculine qualities. The sacral chakra is a delicate pink colour and expresses sexuality beyond gratification. We move into tender lovingness which is linked to the unconditional love in our heart centre. Archangel Gabriel is also in charge of this centre and the tone is “ooaa” Its sacred geometrical shape is an oval.

Naval Chakra
Is located just below our naval and is vibrant orange in colour. It is here that we express our sociability, sensuality and acceptance of everyone. Archangel Gabriel is also in charge of this chakra and the tone is “oooo” Its sacred geometrical shape is also an oval

Solar Plexus
This is the centre of our intuition within our physical bodies. It is gold with rainbow lights which expresses our inner wisdom and peace. Archangel Uriel is in charge of this chakra and the tone is “Oh” Its sacred geometrical shape is a 6 pointed star.

Heart Charka
At the 5th dimension our heart centre radiates unconditional love and acceptance. It is pure white in colour and as it functions you send out pure love to everyone. You also connect with the cosmic heart. Archangel Chamuel is in charge of this chakra and the tone is “ah” Its sacred geometric shape is a circle.

Throat Chakra
We express our truth through the throat chakra and you become a co-creator with Source as your words become God’s voice in action. The colour of this chakra is royal blue and Archangel Michael is in charge of its development. The tone is a soft “eee” Its sacred geometrical shape is an upwards pointing triangle.

Third eye Chakra
Is crystal clear in colour and reflects the seeing of our higher consciousness and intuition. The Archangel in charge of this Charka is Raphael who also brings the gift of healing and abundance. The tone is “eye” Its sacred geometric shape is a figure of eight.

Crown Chakra
Is also crystal clear which allows you to bring down light from your soul. At the 5th dimension we fully surrender to the divine and accept the wisdom of Source. Archangel Jophiel is in charge of this centre and the tone is “om” The sacred geometrical shape is a pyramid.

Causal Chakra
Is located slightly behind the crown to the back of the head and its where our consciousness decodes the stellar transmissions coming from the spiritual realms. It is white in colour and is under the guidance of Archangel Christiel. The tone is “omm” with a focus on the mmmm. The sacred geometrical shape is a spiralling cone of energy which moves up and out into the Universe.

Soul Star Chakra
Sits approximately 15 cm above the crown of the head. It is magenta in colour. There are 2 aspects to this chakra. The lower aspects of the soul star relate to the healing of all our karmic patters which can be family, ancestral or cultural. Archangel Zadkiel is in charge of this aspect. The higher aspects of our soul star chakra relate to our soul purpose and divine mission. Archangel Mariel is in charge of this. The sacred geometrical shape is a five pointed star. The tone for this chakra is toned in conjunction with the stellar gateway chakra.

Stellar Gateway
Is located 30 cm above the crown of the head and is our portal into the 6th dimension and beyond. It is gold in colour and Archangel Metatron and the Mighty Seraphim, Seraphina are in charge of this chakra. As this chakra is activated you become at one with everyone and everything and are aware of your own connection to Source. The sacred geometrical shape is the Metatron cube. The tone is “om” we start the tone in the soul star chakra and lift the pitch to send it up to the stellar gateway and out through this portal into the higher realms.

The development and activation of the stellar gateway is activated in conjunction with the earth star chakra.

A simple daily practice to align and activate your 12 chakras

  • Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed
  • Light a candle (if possible)
  • Take your awareness down to your earth star chakra. Call in Archangel Sandalphon and visualise your black and white earth star chakra opening up and expanding. Breathe in and out of the chakra – do this 3 times
  • Move up to your base chakra and call in Archangel Gabriel to activate the platinum ball as you breathe in and out 3 times.
  • Now do the same with your sacral chakra – ask Archangel Gabriel to active this delicate ball of pink light as you breathe in and out 3 times
  • Move up to you naval chakra and ask archangel Gabriel to activate the vibrant ball of orange light as you breath in and out of the chakra 3 times
  • Focus on the beautiful gold ball with rainbow lights in your solar plexus chakra and ask Archangel Uriel to activate this as you breathe in and out 3 times
  • Feel the energy flowing to your beautiful pure white heart chakra as you invite Archangel Chamuel to come forward and activate it. Breathe in and out 3 times
  • Take your awareness up to your throat chakra and ask Archangel Michael to place a ball of royal blue energy in your throat chakra and breathe in and out 3 times
  • Allow the chakra energy to now flow up to your third eye chakra and allow Archangel Raphael to place a ball of crystal clear light in your third eye. Breathe in and out 3 times to activate the chakra
  • Focus on your crown chakra as Archangel Jophiel place as a ball of crystal light in your crown. Breathe in and out 3 times
  • Move to your causal chakra and allow Archangel Christiel to place a ball of white light in your causal chakra. Breathe in and out 3 times
  • Focus on your soul star chakra as Archangel Mariel places a ball of magenta light into the chakra. Breathe in and out 3 times
  • Now focus on your stellar gateway chakra as Archangel Metatron and Seraphina place a ball of gold wisdom in your stellar gateway. Breathe in and out 3 times
  • Visualise all of your chakras flowing fully in a 5th dimensional vibration connecting you above and below with the highest wisdom.
  • When you are ready gently open your eyes

As you work this way any imbalances in your chakras will come up for healing and transformation. During the weekend we will be working to re-balance and heal the chakras using sound , frequency and sacred geometry.

When your chakras are fully anchored at the 5th dimension the wisdom within your soul star chakra becomes fully aligned with your divine blueprint held in your Monad (your I Am presence) .

Then you can truly manifest activating the 3 transcendent spiritual laws. This is done from the heart centre which is a space of be-ing rather than thinking or doing. In
this way everything we do is for the highest good of both our own unique journey and for the planet.

So in this vibration we become that which we wish to manifest. Our language and actions are in the “present” rather than the future. For example:

I Am the teacher, the healer the visionary writer
Rather than

I would like to be a teacher, a healer and a visionary writer

It is important to now bring all your visions and manifestations into the “NOW” as this will truly accelerate your ascension.

Heart visioning is very powerful and you will be given the opportunity to practice this during the weekend. As a reminder here is the framework for this.

Heart Visioning

  1. Find quiet space where you will not be disturbed
  2. Light a candle and play some gentle music (if you wish)
  3. Align with your 12 chakras
  4. Ask that you be surrounded in a golden bubble of protection
  5. Tune into your soul star chakra and connect with your soul purpose.
  6. Have a sense of who you truly are and the unique gifts you have to offer
  7. Sense this energy flowing throughout all your chakras
  8. Send this energy up through your stellar gateway to Source and ask that you be aligned with the Divine Plan for Earth
  9. Sense yourself connecting through your earth star chakra into the inner planes of wisdom and the ancients and ask that you align with this energy
  10. Breathe into your heart centre and sense everything becoming one – allow this oneness to expand
  11. Ask that the transcendent spiritual laws over light your vision
  12. From the centre of your heart say out loud what it is you wish to manifest. Ensure your language is in the “present tense”
  13. Sense that your vision exists and it is here NOW
  14. Become the vision and let it expand
  15. See the consciousness of the whole planet rising into the new Golden Age and know that your vision contributes to its development.
  16. Bless and thank your angels and guides
  17. Open your eyes, take a drink of water and write down anything which you feel is relevant.

We are all on a sacred journey to ascension and enlightenment. Each and every one of us has gifts of love healing and wisdom which can help so many others on their pathway. Always look for the light in others:

  • assume they are wise
  • assume they are kind
  • assume they are healed
  • assume they are abundant
  • assume they are joy inspiration and unconditional love

and know that your role is to hold the light so they too can know this. Together we become the vision of the New Golden age on planet earth.

Yours in divine service.

Elizabeth Ann

Download the PDF version here

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