Foundations For Safe Practice

Spiritual Ground Rules – Foundations for Safe Practice

The focus of my work is to support people to develop their intuition, build on their spiritual wisdom and knowledge and to align with their soul purpose. This can seem very grand and for some glamorous, however the starting point and daily frame of reference is to establish a safe environment in which to connect and communicate with Angels and Wise Beings. I use the example of the surgeon in the operating theatre – everyone and everything which enters the theatre must be “sterile and germ free”. The same applies to our divine connections – we want to establish the purest environment for all our spiritual work.

As we move deeper into the 5th dimension our foundations (our spiritual mental emotional and physical bodies) are undergoing a powerful shift. This is necessary to ensure that we align fully with the new paradigm. This shift can create an “imbalance” which in turn can result in fear and panic. Understanding what is going on and working constructively with the energy will allow us to move forward safely and confidently.

The following framework is part of our School’s foundation training. We encourage everyone to practice this morning and evening – and indeed any time where it is needed.

  1. Ground
  2. Attune
  3. Protect
  4. Invoke

Step 1 Ground

Being grounded means that our consciousness is fully aligned with the core of Mother Earth (Lady Gaia). We become part of the planet in all its wisdom and have a solid anchor in which to develop, explore and learn. The great wisdom which is held within the inner planes of planet earth then becomes accessible to us. The other fundamental aspect of being grounded is to experience the unconditional love which Mother Earth has for you and all of her children. This in turn opens up our 5th dimensional chakra energy.

We are born with a deep intrinsic connection with nature and the planet – we learn how to over-ride this through our busy lifestyle, our environment and our fixation with technology. Even fashion gets in the way of our connection – women’s shoes with their ever increasing heel size makes it almost impossible to be grounded. Awareness is the key and the starting point for change.

The ancient civilisations truly understood and honoured their one-ness with the Planet. The flow of divine wisdom within us is activated through grounding. It creates a “knowingness” which moves us beyond impatience expectation or need. As an example I am often asked the question “I am praying for peace and nothing is happening – what am I doing wrong?” In truth the person is doing nothing wrong – rather it’s the shift in awareness which can make the difference. Taking the peace from our heart and grounding and connecting it with the peace within the heart of the planet is the answer – we stop doing and become co-creators of change.

Steps for Grounding

  • Ensure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep relaxing breaths
  • Now focus your awareness down to your feet
  • Make sure your feet are flat on the ground
  • Sense see or imagine that you have strong powerful golden roots flowing down through the soles of your feet – all the way through the floor – through the layers of soil and rock – right to the centre of the planet
  • Mother earth is opening up her arms to receive your roots and she wraps them around a beautiful heart shaped crystal anchoring you at the centre of her being
  • Sense or feel her great love for you flowing up through your roots, through your feet and entering every cell in your body.
  • Take a few moments to become one with the planet, relax into her heartbeat and rhythm
  • Gently open your eyesOnce you have practiced this regularly it become automatic and you will be able to re- connect quickly whenever you need it i.e. whenever you are busy, rushing around or recognise that you have lost focus (which is a classic indicator for the need to ground).Note – Grounding should always precede attunement. There are valid reasons for this. We need to be in balance to ensure the correct alignment. By its very nature it forces us to stop, go inside and become still. Spiritual Law states that we cannot go any higher than we can go deeper. Your investment in grounding effectively will always serve your highest connection.Step 2 Attune

    I often describe the attunement process as follows. If we consider energy as being like a television – there are lots of channels available – however we would not switch our television on and just watch whatever came on – particularly if the programme was not ok. We would use the remote control and move to an appropriate channel. The same principle applies to our connection with other entities – it should always be a conscious and deliberate activity ensuring that our guidance is pure and for our highest good.

Our crown chakra is like a satellite dish which we want to attune to God or Source. As we open our 5th dimensional transpersonal chakras the energy flows up from our crown, thorough our causal, soul star and stellar gateway connecting us to the highest guidance and wisdom of God. It is important for our connection to be 7th dimensional and above. This screens out all lower energy forms. Accept nothing less!

At the 7th dimension and above the divine guidance of Angels, Archangels, The Angelic Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, Unicorns, Devics and all wise beings who serve God becomes available. This connection over-lights both our soul’s and the planet’s Ascension. Everyone can make this connection it is our birth right.

Attunement Steps

  • Firstly ground yourself
  • Let the energy from Mother Earth flow into your heart centre
  • Move your consciousness up from your heart and upper chakras through your crown, causal soul star and stellar gateway
  • Sense or visualise that you are sending a connection signal to God or Source
  • As you connect a golden column of light flows down from God through your chakras and merges in your heart centre with the energy of Mother Earth
  • You are connected below and above with the purest light of God
  • Allow this to follow into every cell in your body and out into your auric field
  • Take a few moments to integrate this
  • Know in your heart that you are a divine being and channel of love light and wisdomProtectionHaving created a pure connection it is important that we keep the integrity of our personal communication channel. This is why protection is needed. It should never been invoked from a consciousness of fear i.e. keeping out negative forces – rather from a space of love – designed to maintain the purity of our communication and wisdom with the wise ones.There are a multitude of different protection rituals – the most important factor being to choose that which feels right for you and gives you a sense of feeling safe. You can also decide to use more than one protection. For instance you may choose to protect both yourself and the building you are in. Also if you chose to work with a large group of people, consider protecting the land or area surrounding the event as well.

Protection Steps

  • Ground and attune
  • Choose from the following protection rituals or develop your own one
    1. Ask Archangel Michael to place is deep dark blue cloak of protection around you ensuring that it covers all of your chakras
    2. Call upon the Gold Ray of Christ for your total protection – do this 3 times
    3. Ask to be surrounded in a golden bubble with a rainbow around the outside which reflects back all negativity
    4. Visualise a cross or angel or other meaningful symbol in front of you, behind you, one to your right one to your left and one above and one below.

Some protection for groups and buildings

  • Sense or visualise the group in a high vibrational pure white light and ask that only 7th dimensional consciousness and above may enter the space
  • Call in the Angels of Protection to surround the group in their angelic wings and ask that only 7th dimensional consciousness and above may enter the space
  • Visualise a quartz pyramid coming down from God and being placed over the room. Then an inverted pyramid coming from the centre of Mother earth joining with the first pyramid at ground level to create an octahedron.

You are now ready for the final step in the process – Invocation


Once have aligned yourself, tuned in and protected yourself its time to summon or call in the wise being or beings you wish to work with and get guidance from. It’s always a personal choice depending on the purpose of your connection.

We encourage our students to ground attune protect and invoke each morning and evening. A suggested invocation for this daily practice may be:

I invoke my guardian angel, all angels, archangels, ascended masters and wise beings from the 7th dimension and above to join and overlight my day.

Or I invoke the 7 mighty Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Chamuel, Jophiel, and Zadkiel to surround guide and bless my day

Your intuition will also guide you to invoke the perfect being to support whatever it is you are doing.

The steps above create the perfect foundation for safe practice and ensure that the integrity of our connection is not compromised in any way. Indeed the more this practice becomes intrinsic the deeper more powerful and more meaningful our universal “knowing” and understanding becomes.

The greatest gift that any teacher can instil in a student is the confidence and trust in their own intuitive wisdom and guidance. To do this we have to move from telling people what to do, what to believe and what to think. We need to become facilitators sharing a journey of exploration and empowerment with others which allows them to find their own truth, even if this differs from established concepts.

This is why creating firm foundations for safe practice should be the starting point for any spiritual development or exploration – regardless of the discipline or modality.

As a principle all information needs to be grounded and integrated within each individual before it can become their “truth”. We should never automatically believe what others think or say – regardless of how spiritually evolved they appear to be. This calls for discernment. To discern requires us to ground attune protect and invoke. This creates integration within our chakras and our heart can express our own truth and wisdom.

Currently there is so much spiritual information out there – of course it’s a good
thing. However the confusion and doubt it creates is not! “What am I supposed to believe?” is another question I am often asked. Most evolved leaders and teachers want to create helpful frameworks and foundations to support people rather than rigid truths which polarise thought and stifle intuition.

So a final technique which can help whenever you are confused or unsure about what feels “right” for you:-

  • Ground
  • Attune
  • Protect
  • Invoke (include Lord Kathumi – world teacher in your invocation)
  • Then sit quietly and connect with your heart centre – sense it as a pure white cosmic light
  • Take a few breaths here – relax and be still
  • Bring forward your question and take it into your heart – how does it feel?
  • Then let this energy flow down your lower chakras and ground it – can you sense or feel its wisdom connecting with you?
  • If so let it flow back up into your heart and upper chakras and allow it to integrate into your being
  • If it does not feel right ask Mother Earth to recycle it
  • Give thanks and bless the experience

Many years ago a wise friend told me that the simple practices often created profound experiences. I can truly vouch for this. It’s not my expectation that you must absolutely agree with what I have written, rather I hope that it has inspired or provoked you to question and explore your own unique foundation practice. I honour your journey.

Elizabeth Ann

Download the PDF version here

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