Spiritual Values Understanding

divine feminine values image 3Spiritual Values Understanding – the ethics of our behaviour from a higher perspective

Each and every one of on the planet has a set of intrinsic values which underpin our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. These values are not necessarily understood or questioned – and indeed we may argue that some people have no values or moral standards.

Of course everyone does have values.  We learn many of these from our upbringing, environment culture and expectation of life and what is it showing us – good , bad or both.

Our life experiences may have shown us things such as:-

  • people cannot be trusted
  • people and certain cultures etc. are evil, cruel, aggressive, etc.
  • we need to defend ourselves

Values created around negative experiences are still the foundations of what is used to dictate behaviour patterns and expectations.

The opposite is also true – positive experiences can create positive values. When we work with positive values then we create more empowering outcomes for our life.

Now here’s the thing – have you ever sat down and really explored what values are most important to you. Ideally identify your top 5 values for your life.

What many of us have forgotten is that there is an intrinsic connection to your “inner values” and to your soul purpose. Through exploring and identifying them we can constantly create safe and powerful boundaries on which to make decisions in our life which are for our highest good.

Our inner values are part of what is our divine feminine consciousness. Our divine feminine is related to our creativity, intuition, self love and compassion and to the development of our soul purpose.

When these values are clear and understood then our divine masculine energy is used to express them and our true purpose in a way which is empowering and passionate – without being aggressive, manipulative or critical.

If you think of people who truly shine authenticity and truth in their words and actions – you will notice that they do not need to coerce, convince or use aggression to get their point heard and understood. Nor are they apologetic, deferential or lesser than. They are just who they are. We remember them and we usually treasure or value what they say – even if we do not always agree with it.

Young children are authentic – that is until they learn to play the games which society has as part of their cultural norms.

Here is a lovely question – what if you were free of all expectations which others have of you – how would you feel?

liberated or confused?

When we strip away the identity (or mask) which we wear to conform to the expectations of others it can mean that we become lost or confused.

Who am I?”

Always a fabulous question to ask yourself on a regular basis. As you do this you will notice how much emphasis you place on what you do rather than who you are.

Our ego is so centred on what we do as a measure of worth. In truth the only measure of worth should be related to

how we do things

Everything which is done with love honour and compassion for ourselves and others says much more about our true nature and our soul ‘s purpose and expression.

So here is a starting point – please feel free to share this with others and in particular your children. Help them to identify and grow their values in a way in which they will flourish and make this world into a golden light of consciousness.

Step I

Take a few moments to consider what is most important to you in the world.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you care about?
  • What needs to be different in the world?
  • Are their groups of people you feel drawn to help or support?
  • Are their causes you feel are important?

Now write these down and then create a vision for how you want the world to be. This vision can be very simple or as complex as you would like.

Step 2

Consider what values or qualities are most important to you. You may have a large list. Write them down and then pick your top five values. these are the ones which are closest to your heart and to your soul purpose.

For instance my top values are:

  1. integrity
  2. truth
  3. wisdom
  4. love
  5. inspiration

In doing this I am not suggesting that other values are lesser – rather that my top five are the ones which underpin everything I do. They also create boundaries for my work.

Whether I am cleaning a toilet out or leading a workshop I always do so with the highest integrity.

If anything I am asked to do does not resonate with my inner integrity then it is not right for me to do so. My integrity starts within me. I do not measure the integrity of others first. Otherwise I am in judgement!

In truth my integrity may not match the integrity of others – It does not need to. The single most important thing is that it resonates within my own inner divine feminine.   An inner sense of intrinsic alignment or unity takes place. It feels right!

If I need to say something – then my masculine will express my thoughts in a way which do no harm to others……

You may find that as you do these 2 exercises that there is an incongruence between your values and perhaps your life and work. Your role is to transform heal and unite your values so that your spiritual energy and soul purpose can be expressed with divine love. You will shine out to the world…. and others will feel and begin to understand their light and consciousness…. and so the process evolves….

What I have outlined above is a key challenge in life – which is why I am passionate about my workshops and teachings. Sometimes together we learn from each other.

Know something wise ones you are amazing and your light will succeed in changing the world.


Elizabeth Ann

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